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  1. How to style a boy-friend cable-knit sweater with a skirt
  2. Oversized cable knit sweater with pants outfit ideas
  3. What to wear over a cable-knit sweater
  4. Accessorizing a BF cable-knit sweater
  5. Taking the outfit photos

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How to style a boy-friend cable-knit sweater

Over-size cable-knit sweater aka boy-friend sweaters are a perennial trend and having a moment right now. In this post I show examplarily how to style them and not look like drowning in them. See the post at the link what to look for in a cable-knit sweater.

When wearing “oversize” pieces of all kind fit in the shoulder and accentuating your shape is key to not look frumpy. For this look, I styled my boyfriend cable-knit sweater with a long-sleeved T-shirt and underwear, my plaid wool skirt, over-the-knee-boots, and Gucci belt for adding interest and shape, and to get the proportions right. Belting is a great way to add shape. See the link for a guide which belts are best for you.


stylist in cable knit sweater with bias plaid skirt
Outfit details: Oversize cable-knit sweater with plaid skirt, Gucci G-belt, Dior over-the-knee boots, Festina watch, Hermes collier de chien leather cuff, and smoky quartz statement necklace (all own)


Oversized cable knit sweater with pants outfit ideas

No white after Labor Day. Well, it is an old fashioned fashion rule. At the beginning of the snow season, I still like white. When it’s cold, winterize your leather pants by wearing long johns underneath. The winter-white cable knit sweater is from my husband’s closet as is the hat. I am wearing a long-sleeve white T-shirt under the sweater to stay warm. To round up this winter outfit style-wise, I wear my heeled duck-boots and two charm necklaces.



Outfit details: White Newport News leather pants, oversize cable-knit sweater, heeled duck booties, LeatherCoatsEtc driver’s cap, statement necklace (all own)

Accessorizing a BF cable-knit sweater

Accessorizing any oversize pieces helps to avoid to look frumpy. In case of boyfriend or menswear, it is a Must to add a feminine touch. Obviously, the coarse knit prohibits to add any whimsical or delicate jewelry. It would get caught in the meshes. Coarse knits work best with bold pieces like the leather cuff and sports watch in this outfit.

Zoom-in on the accessories
Festina watch, Hermes collier de chien bangle

What to wear over a cable-knit sweater

It is obvious that with all the volume (oversize, puff-sleeves) you have to wear outerwear that has enough room for all that extra fabric. You have to take care that the sleeves of your outerwear don’t look like the arms of a stuffed Teddy bear. In other words, look for the coat that has the widest sleeves.

For the commute I added my shearling motorcycle jacket, winter white beret, and my fuchsia 3.1 Philip Lim bag. I just love the combination of brown and a shade of pink.

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Over 50 fashion blogger in winter outfit

style blogger in brown motorcycle shearling jacket with fuchsia bag
Outfit details: Andrew Marc shearling motorcycle jacket over boyfriend over-size cable-knit sweater and plaid skirt with Dior over-the-knee boots, 3.1 Philip Lim fuchsia bag, LeatherCoatsEtc leather gloves, and beret (all own)


Andrew Marcus motorcycle shearling jacket with Newport News leather pants, heeled duck booties, Kate Moss for Longchamp bag, LeatherCoatsEtc. blue leather gloves and driver’s cap (all own)


Taking the outfit photos

Taking style photos in the Arctic is a challenge not only because of the light conditions, but also because of the cold. In these photos, you really see that I am feeling cold and uncomfortable presenting my indoor outfit outside for the photo shot. It is even worse for the photographer as he has to touch the cold camera.

How do you wear your oversize or boyfriend cable-knit sweater? Did you buy it the way or did you pick it from your significant other’s closet? Just curious. Mine is from by hubby’s closet, but with his permission.

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Photos: G. Kramm

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