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Long Thigh High Socks are a big trend right now. Best, they are great for us over 40 when it’s cold outside. Just think about your knees that hurt when it gets cold. Read how to wear the look over 40 on the weekend and Casual Friday with tights or pantyhose.

  1. What to Do When You Need More Knee-Coverage in the Cold
  2. How to Style Thigh High Socks over 40
    • Weekend Outfit Ideas
    • Casual Friday
    • Chic With Tights or Pantyhose
  3. Where to Find Them
  4. Long Thigh High Socks in a Nutshell

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What to Do When You Need More Knee-Coverage in the Cold

Since before Christmas temperatures have been below -30F (-34.4oC) here in Interior Alaska. Such low temperatures often occur also in the Great Lakes area  when the Polar Vortex transports frigid cold Arctic air masses southwards. On such days, many women our age complain about their knees itching from the cold ambient air. Are you one of them? I am.

The other day, I saw a student waiting at the shuttle bus stop on campus. She was wearing striped long thigh high socks like the pair that the Chrissy’s Socks model wears in the photo below. The student had styled them to be a pop of color over her skinny jeans sticking out of her tall tan boots. What a genius idea! Later that day, I saw another young lady in the lecture hall wearing this type of footwear over her leggings with a tunic-style top. It reminded of the great concept of how ballet dancers keep their muscles warm during practice.


Clare thigh-high socks outfit idea with mini skirt, tank top and velvet boots
Clare thigh-high socks styled to keep the knees warm in spring. Photo from: Chrissy’s Socks


That was the moment, when it struck me that this type of footwear could be a great solution to keep the knees warm so they won’t hurt when the temperatures drop into the negative double digits.

Why not adopting a concept that is chic and keeps you warm?


How to Style Thigh High Socks over 40

Weekend Outfit Ideas

Of course, styling a striped colorful pair with skinnies or leggings and a tunic length cable knit sweater looks great for running errands on the weekend at any age.


Casual Friday

When your office has a Casual Friday outfits culture, a pair in neutral colors will look Business Casual with skinnies and a cashmere turtleneck sweater and a matching blazer. Another office appropriate styling idea is to pair the skinnies and thigh-high socks with a long cardigan over a sweater. A long tail crisp-white shirt under a cropped jacket also is an option when keeping the look in professional muted colors like a combination of beige, winter white, tan and brown or the American Classic Style of gray, navy blue, white and black. These outfits are great alternatives to wearing tights and perfect to cover a bit more skin to stay warm.


With Tights or Pantyhose

Another great layering look is if you wear your knee-highs and tall boots over tights or pantyhose.

Do you remember my outfit with knee-high socks from last fall (see photo below)? This outfit would also look great with more skin-coverage like the pair on the left. Don’t you think so? They could even substitute tights when styled with a midi skirt and heeled loafers.


fashion blogger in tweed skirt, leather jacket, sweater, riding boots, knee-high socks, scarf and shearling mini crossbody
Lookbook Store leather jacket, unbranded cashmere sweater, Anne Klein silk scarf, Coacg shearling bag, Eddie Bauer tweed skirt, Sanchez tall riding boots quartz emerald pendant necklace, quartz earrings, pantyhose



Chrissy's Socks thigh high gray tie dye pair of long knitted footwear
Chrissy’s Socks thigh high gray tie dye pair of long knitted footwearPhoto from: Chrissy’s Socks


The gradual change in lengths creates a super stylish layering effect. It is also the perfect solution to keep your feet warm and your legs comfortable in winter.

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Where to Find Them

You can buy made in USA black and plus size thigh-high socks at Chrissy’s Socks. See the featured photo for some pairs available in neutral colors.


Long Thigh High Socks in a Nutshell

Thigh high socks are the perfect footwear choice when you’re looking to cover a bit more skin than with a pair of knee highs, but don’t want to wear full tights.

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P.S. You may like that all Chrissy’s Socks products are fur free.

Photos of me: G. Kramm

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  1. Jodie

    Such a great idea. I have a couple pairs of these and didn’t think I’d need them in AZ. But it’s been chilly (not your kind of chilly, but AZ kind of chilly…ha ha)