In the everyday fashion category you find a collection of authoritative evergreen content like guides, and “how-tos”. Furthermore, there are regular posts with new outfit inspirations.

  1. How to Style Everyday Fashion
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How to Style Everyday Fashion

The posts are intended to simplify your life with respect to everyday fashion and beyond.  New posts  with easy-to-copy outfit inspiration serve to inspire you.  There are various posts that answer general questions like what to wear when or how to style a piece of clothing. For example, when can you wear your leather skirt, or what can you wear with camouflage booties.

How-tos cover, among others, how to dress for Mother’s Day in midlife how to style sneaker with a skirt.


Guides for Wearing Everyday Fashion

There are guides for evergreen fashion like looking ageless in knits. Other examples are a guide to wear denim like a pro, or a guide on look ageless in floral prints.  Tips how to look effortlessly stylish when mixing prints and or pattern.   All guides include links to further relevant example outfits.

Many employers ask for wearing hosiery. Therefore, inspirational pantyhose outfits are featured in a separate subcategory as well as business casual and corporate style

Furthermore, here you can find guides to the various personal styles. They include, among others, Bohemian style, Ivory League aka Preppy Style, evergreen classics like Euro Chic and American Classic Style. Iconic styles like Gamine or the ultimate Je’n sais pas of French woman look are addressed as well.


Sub-Categories on Color, Shape, Weather, Work, and Play

Sub-categories focus on special aspects of everyday fashion like dressing for your body type, or how the combine and wear colors. In the sub-category professional outfits dress-codes for various professions, starting a new job, interviews, going back to work, and the first weeks on the job are addressed. This includes how to build a work wardrobe.

Tricky dress codes cover dressing for special occasion and life events. Cold weather outfits addresses layering and winter style. Further sub-categories are dressing for the season transition and shop your own closet. The intention of both is to learn how to get the most wear out of the clothes you own.

To up a good look to the best, accessorizing is a Must as well as  knowing how to create a wardrobe you love. In my case, my love is everything leather. of course, clothes care is addressed as well. Finally, there are vacation, weekend, and leisure outfit inspirations


More on Everyday Fashion

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