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Ruby Belle, giraffe cashmere sweater, GNW tight, Harley Davidson booties, Festina watch, DIY brooch, Ray Ban sunglasses, and Hermes collier de chien bangle (all own)

Giraffe is a nice animal print that is not associated with sexy like leopard often is. It’s an often overlooked option to wear the animal trend. This post shows that giraffe is as versatile as leopard. Read the tips how to style giraffe print and get inspired to copy these outfit ideas.

  1. Giraffe prints Are a Neutral and a Classic
  2. How to Style a Giraffe Print
  3. Can You Mix Giraffe with Other Prints or Patterns?


Giraffe prints Are a Neutral and a Classic

I love animal prints. Animal prints are great neutrals and look interesting. Moreover, these prints are so versatile to style you can find a guide how to ageless in animal print at the link. Well, when I saw this giraffe cashmere sweater, I had to have it. I am fascinated not only by the nice pattern, but also by giraffes as animals.


influencer in giraffe print sweater with leather pants
Front view layered look
giraffe print outfit idea with leather pants
London Jean leather pants with Harley Davidson booties, layering top, giraffe print cashmere sweater accessorized with Paloma Picasso sunglasses, statement necklace, Festina watch, and smoky quartz belt



How to Style a Giraffe Print

Giraffe is a not so often seen animal print, but it is easy to style. It for sure turns head and gives you an entrance. Of course, it is a unique style statement! Try it with a solid that picks up colors of the print. When you are daring wear it with a leather skirt like in the photo below.

influencer in leather skirt with giraffe
Sienna Studio leather pencil skirt, GNW tight, giraffe print cashmere sweater


over 50 years old fashion blogger in winter office look
Side view of giraffe print outfit idea


stylist showing how to style a giraffe print
I.N.C. chocolate brown leather pants with knitwit cashmere sweater, Hermes collier de chien bangle, layering top, statement necklace and Clarks booties



Can You Mix Giraffe with Other Prints or Patterns?

Sure you can. It’s a neutral that looks great with floral, stripes, plaid in all its variations. My regular readers know that I love mixing prints and patterns.

Why does this outfit work?

The trick is to stay in the color family and ground the mix with black. The latter, I did with the tights, booties and the long sleeve T-shirt worn under the sweater. The plaid vintage skirt picks up the gray and dark brown of the giraffe print. The Gucci belt repeats a color in the skirt too.


midlife fashion blogger mixing a giraffe sweater and tartan skirt
Side view giraffe print with plaid outfit

over 50 years olf woman wearing a diagonal plaid A-line skirt with giraffe print sweater


This combination also works with a sheath dress as is show in the outfit idea below.

fashion blogger in plaid sheath with giraffe print
Ruby Belle plaid sheath, giraffe print sweater, Harley Davidson booties, grounded with black GNW tights, Festina watch, Hermes collier de chien bangle and Ray Ban sunglasses.


outfit idea from shopping your closet how to wear a sheath as skirt
Ruby Belle sheath dress worn as skirt under Knit Wit sweater, Hunter boots, Dagwood necklace, and tight c/o Hanes.




I even think it is more easy to wear than the leopard print trend. You can seen another plaid skirt outfit idea in this post.


Photos: G. Kramm

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