#fashionover40 mature outfit with giraffe print
Sienna Studio leather pencil skirt, GNW tight, giraffe print cashmere sweater (all own)

Animal prints are a neutral and a classic

I love animal prints. Animal prints are great neutrals and look interesting. Moreover, these prints are so versatile to style you can find a guide how to ageless in animal print at the link. Well, when I saw this giraffe cashmere sweater, I had to have it. I am fascinated not only by the nice pattern, but also by giraffes as animals.

Giraffe facts

As a kid I always was fascinated by the long neck. I always felt sorry with them because they had such a long neck. As a first grader, I had the idea that it must be terrible when the have neck pain. They are the tallest animal currently on Earth and only have seven cervical vertebra. This means that each cervical vertebra is over 11 inch (0.28 m) long for the nearly 79 inch (2 m) long neck. This fact gives a whole new dimension to the saying “I have a stiff neck”. LOL.

How to style a giraffe print

Here I am wearing my new black pencil leather skirt from Sienna Studio. It is the replacement for the black leather pencil skirt that I loved to wear with black with brown, denim, and classic black and white, and even in summer paired with pink and orange. Unfortunately, I ripped that one and could not get the exactly same one again. What I liked better about the old one was definitively the shorter length than the new one. My favorite length is 3 to 4 inch (7.5-10 cm) above the knee. What I love about the new one is the higher waist than the old one, and the slit in the back. It is so much each to enter the campus shuttle or my husband’s Ford Escape.

Outerwear styling

fashion blogger over 50 in winter city outfit
Burberry motorcycle loden coat with chevron scarf, beret and 3.1 Philip Lim bag (all own)

For the commute to work I wore my hunter green motorcycle wool coat from Burberry, a Chevron pattern pink, burgundy, white and gray cashmere scarf and a burgundy colored beret. I finished the “outer outfit” with my neon pink 3.1 Philip Lim bag that my husband gave me as a gift on our wedding anniversary this summer. Another way to style the motorcycle coat was wearing it with camouflage cargo pants.

Do you like animal print? What about giraffe print? Do you have an item in this print? If so what and how do you wear it? Let me know, I am curious.

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Photos: G. Kramm

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