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A nautical look is an evergreen and you can wear a nautical look in fall, winter, spring and summer. Nautical stripes are a key element in many styles and a summer favorite. Read on to learn how you can style nautical style.

  1. Maritime Stripes and a Fisherman’s Hat
  2. Can You Wear Maritime Style in Fall?
  3. Winter Outfit with Maritime Stripes


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Maritime Stripes and a Fisherman’s Hat

You need an inspiration for a weekend casual dinner outfit? The sky looks like there may be some chilly winds from thunderstorms in the region? A stylish mix of prints and patterns in blue and white is always a great summer look. Wear a polo with a girlie skirt, a hat for a fun and style factor, and toss a cardigan over your shoulders for a relaxed weekend on the deck dinner outfit. If it gets a little chilly later in the evening, just put your arms in.

stylist in an outfit for dinning out on the river in summer in nautical blue and white with stripes
Side view nautical look in spring


stylist illustrating how to wear a nautical look in spring with Greek fishermen's hat
Zoom-in to show details

fashion influencer in maritime polka dots on a deck at the Chena River



Stylist tip: Wearing a cardigan as a cape makes for a stylish look. A cardigan is also great on a summer evening on the deck as a protection from the occasional gusts of nearby thunderstorms.


Can You Wear Maritime Style in Fall?

Sure you can! When the Indian Summer makes October pleasant temperature wise, there is no reason to say good bye to some of your summer favorites. A pair of white leather pants will look great with a nautical sweater and a jeans jacket.


over 50 years old woman in white leather pants, nautical sweater, driver cap in fall
Side view nautical outfit for fall


midlife influencer in maritime sweater white pants denim jacket separates
GNW striped top with oversize Great Northwest denim jacket, white leather pants, Kieselstein Cord belt and buckle, Ralph Lauren silver pumps, statement bag, multi-strings pearl necklace, and driver’s cap



Winter Outfit with Maritime Stripes

The next example features the striped jacket as a layering piece. It feels right because navy and pink are a classic bold fashion color combination.

Since pink is a spring color, the color pairing is also great winter to spring transitional look.


black white navy bag
Outfit details maritime style in winter

influencer in striped cardigan, white trousers pink sweater


Do you like maritime style? If so, do you wear a nautical look also in other seasons than summer?What’s your favorite trick to create a summer to fall transition look? Let me know, I am curious.

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Photos: G. Kramm

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