Casual outfit for women over 40
Gingham shirt with striped cashmere sweater, London boyfriend jeans and Harley Davidson booties (all own)

An outfit for Casual Friday or running errands

Today I present a nice weekend look to run errands, get a coffee, or just go to the mall. I am wearing my old blue boyfriend jeans with a cashmere sweater, a gingham shirt, and my Harley Davidson booties.I bought the jeans a year ago and it is my favorite pair.

Alter pieces to be more “you”

The Carhartt shirt originally had one breast pocket. However, I do not like pockets when there is only one. I nevertheless bought the shirt as I fell in love with its nice color and it had the best quality of the gingham shirts I had looked at. Thus, it seemed easier and faster to take the pocket off than continue the search for a look-a-like without pocket.

Casual Friday outfit for mature women
Side view of gingham shirt with striped sweater, boyfriend jeans, and booties casual look

I often alter clothes I buy. I already knew in the store that I would twig the shirt to be fully my style. Do you alter pieces right away when you bought them for other reasons than just fit (e.g. shortening a hem)?

Styling outerwear

I am a strong believer that outerwear is nothing but another outfit. Consequently, it has to be styled too. Or better, it is fun to style outerwear too. For running errands around town I wore my short black shearling coat with a cable knit scarf that a girlfriend of mine made for me as her farewell gift. The scarf adds some posh as it looks like a collar.

I added my Pippa bag as it is very roomy so I can benefit from not taking a plastic bag. Plastic bags ruin every look. There is a reason why high end stores have these fancy paper bags with satin ribbons as handles.

In Fairbanks, no such stores exists. However, many stores in town give 5 cents back or an extra point on the frequent customer card. I like (their) being conscious about the environment and even being awarded for it is great as well.

fashion over 40 Casual outfit for women over 40
Cable-knit gold buttoned scarf (gift from a girlfriend), shearling coat, Salvatore Ferragamo belt, hat, Modalu Pippa bag, and Harley Davidson booties (all own)

Distressed jeans have a place in fashion over 40

I love distressed, slightly ripped boyfriend jeans. However, I am not willing (yet) to fork over the extra bucks for getting a pair. I guess they are more expensive than a regular pair because they take two work step more: Distressing and ripping. However, under the aspect of recycling and given the fact that I really love this pair so much that I wore it again and again, I should never say Never. Here I styled my BJ for a visit at the fair, a dance party on a cruise, and even as denim on denim. I can see that one day in a blue moon I have a pair :).

Do you like distressed jeans? Do you rock them? How do you style them?

Photos: G. Kramm

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