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RAK royal blue waterfall cashmere sweater with tan leather skit, blue tights, black booties (all own), and boot toppers c/o Top of the Boot outfit to show the heel detail

Waterfall cardigans are a perennial trend. Many women find them unflattering because they add visual bulk when worn open. This post provides ideas how to look slim in a waterfall cardigan.

  1. Waterfall cardigans are having a moment
  2. The fabric is one key look slim in a waterfall cardigan
  3. How to style a waterfall cardigan in a slim way
  4. Be aware of your outerwear when wearing a voluminous cardi
  5. How I styled my outerwear

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Waterfall cardigans are having a moment

Waterfall cardigans and coats are a trend that pops up perennially. Undoubtedly, their flowy front looks very feminine and playful and it can hide some body flaws. However, all the fabric in the front can easily give the illusion of more weight than you actually have. In other words, despite the waterfall creates a vertical line, which is known to give the illusion of height and having a slimming effect, this benefit can be easily off-set or even cancelled out when the “waterfall” adds too much fabric.

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The fabric is one key for a slim look

One of the trend items I bought this fall is this waterfall cardigan. When buying a waterfall cardigan look for thin material and a small color, i.e. not too much fabric in the front. This is especially important when you are petite. You don’t want the cardigan to overwhelm your frame.

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How to style a waterfall cardigan in a slim way

This example of a work outfit pairs an A-line tan leather skirt with a royal blue waterfall cardigan, I don’t like long tails of the cardigan hanging around loosely. They easily look sloppy and add a couple of pounds. Thus, I belted the cardigan. The knit is very thin. Thus, wearing a shirt underneath would be too cold. Therefore I wore a cotton cardigan from summer. You can find how I styled this cardigan in summer at the link.


Zoom-in on cardigan pattern and Kieselstein Cord belt and buckle (own)

#fashionover50 winter office look with waterfall cardigan styled to minimize adding weight
GNW cotton paisley print cardigan worn as top under RAK waterfall royal blue cashmere cardigan belted with a Kieselstein Cord belt and three-horses buckle over a tan A-line Halogen leather skirt with GNW semi-opaque tights, black booties (all own), and boot toppers c/o My Top of the Boot

Be aware of your outerwear when wearing a voluminous cardi

Many people forget about the fact that the additional fabric also has to be considered when adding outerwear. The goal is to avoid to look pregnant. Thus, wear an A-line coat, pea-coat, duffle coat to have room for the additional material.

By all means don’t wear a tailored coat!

How I styled my outerwear

I had chosen black tights to the OOTD instead of tan or blue tights. Recall the tights become part of the outerwear unless you wear a long coat. You may be interested in my Five tips to style your outerwear to avoid winter boredom. A long coat is not a great idea after a night of fresh snowfall. It will just plow the snow. Who needs that? Not to mention, the snow melts inside, and the coat gets wet; you will catch a cold once you go outside with that wet coat.

I wore my red pea-coat again paired with my tan brim hat, black gloves and booties with boot toppers. Boot toppers are such a great way to style an outfit for outside. Not to mention they add an extra layer of insulation to the feet. See the review on boot toppers at the link. For an how to avoid cold feet in frigid temperatures check this link.

midlife fashion blogger in posh classic pea coat winter look
Red LeatherCoatsEtc peacoat with Kate Moss for Longchamp bag, LeatherCoatsEtc leather gloves, consigned hat, booties (all own), and boot toppers c/o Top of the Boot


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