Joggers in fashion over 40 – can we do that?

You have already noticed that I love sleek clothes. Thus, jogging pants or sweat pants are not along my line because they are “so bulky”. Even when I just hang around the house relaxing or do yard work, I wear sleek jeans. Jogging pants were a no no for me. Until this winter, I would have said I cannot imaging that I would ever buy a pair of jogging pants! However, it happened this winter that I actually bought a pair of jogging pants! How comes? Well you know I love leather, and the jogging pants were leather, and in addition they were sleek. Thus, they were crying my name and I listened. 😉

#fashionover40 woman in leather joggers
Leather joggers with Ann Taylor cable knit sweater, statement necklace, and Madonna Truth or Dare floral pumps (all own)

Sleek joggers are unexpected

Can you imagine the reactions of my friends and colleagues when I wore them the first time? One of my colleagues run around to tell everybody in the department “Nicole is wearing jogging pants.” She even called her husband to tell him! When he did not believe her, she even requested that he would come up the stairs when he would pick her up from work that evening. Later she realized that the jogging pants were leather, and she said “now I understand why you bought them.” I really liked that comment.:)

Another leather joggings look

stylist in jogging leather pants, striped sweater all neutral outfit

fashion blogger over 40 in joggers with taupe and white sweater

fashion blogger over 50 in leather jogging pants and a motorcycle coat
Outfit details: Burberry motorcycle coat over Vince leather joggers with Puma sneakers, Camel bag, Jeanne Pierre sweater, Anne Klein silk scarf, Hermes collier de chien bangle and Puma sneakers (all own)

Get further inspiration how to style joggers

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Do you like the jogging pants trend? Have you already jumped the band wagon? What do you think about these leather joggers?

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Photo: G. Kramm

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