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When you are around for a while, trends pop up again. You have this dèja vue effect. The risk (and worst) is high to style it like in the decade it was around the last time. Here you learn the concept of wearing the 1970s inspired clothes in a timeless, modern way. Read how to style the 70s trend.

  1. When a Decade Is a Trend, You Should Never Wear It Like Back Then
  2. How to Style the 70s Trend to Look Modern
  3. Listicle of Styling Tips
  4. Modern 70s Trend Outfit Ideas
  5. Conclusion on How to Style the 70s Trend

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When a Decade Is a Trend, You Should Never Wear It Like Back Then

Fall’s 70s trend is very tricky for all of us over 40. Those of us over 45 have worn the real items when they were young women, teenager or fashion conscious girls. Those of us between 40 and 45 may run into the same style rut of the older 40+ peers. The danger of wearing the 70s trend the 70s way!

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style blogger in dress over pants of the 70s trend looking modern with skinny jeans and denim dress
Liz Clairborne denim dress worn over J Brand skinnies with statement belt, DIY necklace, and Jaeger tote (all own).


The inspirational photo above shows that today, the belt is not on the hip as in the 70s and the pants are slim. Adding flared jeans like in the 70s would be just too much, i.e. you would look Old-fashioned. Read more on modern dress-over-pants looks.


How to Style the 70s Trend to Look Modern

Our goal is an effortless, no-frills and cannot quite put your finger on it sophisticated ageless style. The example below illustrates that the necklace is worn from inside of turtleneck to create interest, edge and stay out of the 70s territory. Recall, back then we wore a turtleneck with multiple long necklaces. The belt is high on the waist and not low on the hips as back in the 70s. Read more on best accessorizing with belts in this guide.


Fashion blogger looking ageless in the 70s trend with a brown snake print pants and mocha dress worn as sweater
Barbour cable-knit dress worn over Sienna Studio snake print leather pants belted with Kieselstein Cord belt (all own) to emphasize the waist.


Listicle for Styling Tips

Here is a list with the essential points to keep in mind to achieve ageless style in this trend:

  • Don’t wear the trend head-to-toe. It’s a trend, not a 1970s costume party. Halloween is October 31, remember? Only one item per outfit!
  • Resist the urge to get/wear that piece from back when you were in high school/college. Even when you may have it somewhere in the attic.
  • Get the trend in a color that is up-to-date, far away from the hip colors back then. Soft hues are great.
  • Whatever the piece is, style it like you would style a similar piece that is not that trend.
  • In all cases, go for a different shade with the color of your purse than the color of your shoes! Remember, back then they bought the shoes to go with the bag or vice versa.
  • Keep your make-up modern. No inner eyeliner. Keep the eye line outside!
  • If you go for the Hippie Flower Power side of the 70s trend, keep the tips in my guide on modern Bohemian Style in mind. You may also want to read the tips under Global trends to create a modern, fashion forward look.
  • Flared (dark wash) jeans or a midi A-line wool skirt are great choices. Style the flares with a black turtleneck, and a modern trench coat for a classic timeless look. Style the midi with pointy toe boots in the same color to elongate the legs, a contrasting neutral color untucked sweater, and close to the neck statement necklace in the color of the skirt.
  • Don’t go for extremes like, for instance, flares that hinder you walking. You had been there, done that when you were younger. You made the experience that bell-bottoms are a trip hazard. Keep the trend grown-up.

Modern 70s Trend Outfit Ideas

The following photo inspirations apply the above discussed concepts. Do you recognize them?


stylist in A-line plaid skirt with pink sweater
A-line midi skirt with knotted cardigan, Hermes collier de chien bangle (all own), turtle neck layering top c/o Adea, and necklace c/o Almo Jewellery


Solution:: Here the waterfall cardigan is tied in a right now way with a knot.


fashion influencer illustrating how to wear a 70s inspired A-line bias plaid skirt and sweater
Plaid skirt with GNW Luxe wool cashmere sweater, Gucci G belt,  smoky quartz necklace and bracelet, Hermes collier de chien silver bracelet, Hermes leather bracelet, GNW tifgt, and Clarks booties.


Solution:: Here the trick to stay away from the typical 70s colors is used.


More on what to pair with retro skirts.


Conclusion on How to Style the 1970s Trend

Never wear a trend from another decade head-to-toe in the It colors of that time unless you go to a decade theme party or for Halloween.

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