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Left hand side are the inspirations from Anjolee and on the right hand side are my designs photo-shopped using their inspiration photo. My design would have rubies, blue sapphires and white diamonds

When you want to give unique gifts or just want to wear original, unique jewelry designs, it needs a designer. You do not be as rich as Prince Harry to design a trendy engagement ring for your sweetheart. Read how you now can design your own jewelry.

  1. Early Start on Designing my Own Jewelry
  2. I Really Missed DIY of My Jewelry
  3. Design Is in the Little Details Like the Color of Gemstones
  4. My Designs Based on Anjolee Elements…
  5. Love is when you design your wedding bands together …
  6. Anjolee Has Nearly Endless Options to Design Your Own Jewelry

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Anjolee. The post is not endorsed by them. I wrote it myself and it reflects my 100% honest opinion. The post also has affiliate links.


Early Start on Designing my Own Jewelry

Some of you may know that I took jewelry making classes for recreation while I was in college. Designing my own jewelry in the size and with the gems in the colors I liked was a great joy. Time went by fast when working on new  pieces. For some of my self-made pieces see this post on the history of earrings in fashion.

I already enjoyed making jewelry when I was a little girl – a toddler to be precise. My grandpa once brought beads as a gift for me and I wasn’t seen the entire afternoon. I made a necklace that had alternating pink, white and baby blue plastic beads with little gold colored metal beads between the plastic beads. The best Christmas gift I got as a teenager was a jewelry making box with tools, wires and beads! Again I wasn’t to be found for a long while, as I was making jewelry.

You can imagine how excited I was to find out about Anjolee. This online store makes custom jewelry according to your own designs.

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chic summer work outfit with Keds and jewelry for Casual Friday

stylist in chic abstract floral print sheath dress with polka dot Keds

influencer in posh floral print dress with Keds for casual Friday and unique jewelry
Eli Tahari sheath dress with abstract floral print, polka dot printed Keds, Jaeger tote, Jade earrings, Hermes collier de chien bangle, and DvF sunglasses


I Really Missed DIY of My Jewelry

After graduation, I moved and hence had no access anymore to the equipment needed to create jewelry. Furthermore, not being in the class anymore, I also had no access to the material (silver, gold, gemstones, etc.) at the reduced costs at which the jewelers can buy. 🙁 I really loved to make my own jewelry.


Design Is in the Little Details Like the Color of Gemstones

Over the years, I often saw pieces of jewelry and thought “Oh this would be so me if the gemstone were not citrine, but amethyst.” Which is so ironical as they are chemically the same (silicium dioxide SiO2). They just differ by color due to having experienced different physics (heat) during their formation process. Or I thought something like “I love that ring with the oval gemstone, but I would prefer the gemstone being 90o turned around as it would elongate my finger instead of widen it.”

midlife woman in summer look with white frame sunglasses
Printed eShakti summer dress, L.K. Bennett patent leather wedges, Chanel bag, various gemstone jewelry, Hermes collier de chien bangle (all own) and sunglasses c/o Wouldn’t a pink and red bracelet be perfect with this dress?


My Designs Based on Anjolee Elements

I am dreaming of a tennis bracelet with all colors of the rainbow going from amethyst, sapphire, emerald, citrine, gold topaz, to ruby. Yes, I know – meteorologists just like rainbows. More on emerald facts here. A tennis bracelet with alternating pink sapphires and rubies would look great with my floral summer dress (featured photo).

You could make a bracelet for your mom with the birthstones of all her grandchildren for her 70th birthday using ovals for girls and octagons for boys. Or for the patriotic niece, you could design a the bracelet above in red, white and blue using rubies, diamonds, and sapphires.

Anjolee inspirations and my own design of jewelry
Left hand side are the inspirations from Anjolee and on the right hand side are my designs photo-shopped using their inspiration photos. My design includes a chocolate, 2 champagne, and 2 white diamonds for the ring and emeralds and diamonds and emeralds and aquamarine in the studs


Love Is When You Design Your Wedding Bands Together

You can even design your own bridal sets rings! So romantic! My husband once designed a necklace made of malachite and lapis beads for me. I really love that necklace that he had designed for me. <3


Anjolee Has Nearly Endless Options to Design Your Own Jewelry

Can you imagine how excited I was when I found Anjolee’s online store? They give you lots of inspirations.  Moreover, they let you design your own jewelry! They even have pretty cool rotating YouTube videos of their inspirations so you get a three dimensional impression. They permit choosing the gemstones, their cuts, size and settings. You can choose from prong, bezel, half bezel, pave, and other settings. They have nearly everything from Princess cut, heart cut, round, octagon, you name it. They offer the choice between diamonds, topaz, citrine, garnet, amethyst, just to mention a few options.

What is the piece of jewelry that you always have dreamed up, but could never find something that came even close? When will you start to design your own jewelry?


Photos of me: G. Kramm

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