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Scott Mac Clintock velvet gown with cropped jacket, collier de chien belt (all own)

The Walker Mallott Inaugural Ball in Fairbanks in the Carlson Center! Getting tickets for an Inaugural is a big thing. Reason enough to dress up. This posts covers the event.


  1. Walker Mallott Inaugural Ball Outfits
  2. Great Alaska Food
  3. Alaska: An Ice Arena for a Ball
  4. The Opening Ceremony Featured Alaska’s Population Mix
  5. A White Dinner Jacket and a Black Velvet Gown
  6. Why I Regretted That I checked My Boots to Wear My Sexy Sandals
  7. Humor the Alaskan Way at the Walker Mallott Inaugural Ball


Walker Mallott Inaugural Ball Outfits

Have you ever been to an Inaugural Ball? I have to admit that the Walker/Mallott Fairbanks Inaugural Ball is the second one I attended. The first one was Governor Murkowski’s Inaugural Ball. Yes, the former Senator who is the father of Senator Lisa Murkowski. Prior to that there were several formal dance events like the 40 Below Ball of the ballroom dance club.

My husband surprised me with tickets to attend the Walker/Mallott Fairbanks Inaugural Ball this weekend. He had gotten a personal invitation from Governor Walker, but of course, my hubby nevertheless had to pay for our tickets.


Ice sculpture of Alaska's Governor and Lt. Governor
Ice sculpture of Alaska’s Governor Walker and Lt. Governor Mallott with aurora in the background and spruce trees. The colors are created by lights of the respective color. The sculptures were taller than I am.



Great Alaska Food

The tickets included appetizers, salad, and dinner. There was a choice for the main course of steak, Alaska halibut or vegetarian. My husband had ordered vegetarian for himself and Alaska halibut for me. When he told me, I was a little amused. Usually, he eats the dead animal and I eat the wilted plants. 😉 There was also dessert, but I only like crème caramel or chocolate desserts of any kind. Also included in the ticket was a memento of the evening and a souvenir program.


table at the Fairbanks Walker/Mallott Inaugural Ball
Table decoration with memento , the coaster under the water glasses, a booklet with the program (under the salad plate), unsweetened ice tea, Beringer Cabernet, and coffee



Alaska: An Ice Arena for a Ball

Governor Bill and First Lady Donna Walker as well as Lt. Governor Byron and his wife Toni Mallott hold the ball at the Fairbanks Carlson Center, a multi-purpose hall that serves for everything from an ice hockey game to the annual commencement of the University of Alaska Fairbanks. The chairs around the white round tables were covered with black cloths and a white tulle bow. The venue was decorated with Chinese white round lanterns. The stage was framed with twinkle lights. The lights reflected in the glass windows that serve the audience from puck bruises during ice hockey games. This reflecting gave the impression of a large place at a lake. The dimmed yellowish light made the place feel warm and friendly.


The Opening Ceremony Featured Alaska’s Population Mix

Since the Governor and Lt. Governor (first photo in this post) were both born in Alaska, the evening started with a traditional Alaska Native Opening Ceremony by the combined Alaska Native Tribes of the Interior. Of course, there were the usual political statements, and the Governor’s and First Lady’s opening waltz played by the 9th Army Band from Ft. Wainwright. The Mallotts joined the Walkers after a short while. Unfortunately, the band did not play any further waltzes. 🙁


A White Dinner Jacket and a Black Velvet Gown

When it comes to what to wear to an Inaugural Ball it is a good choice to stay with the best advice for what to wear to a Military Ball.


men's evening attire with white dinner jacket
White dinner jacket with tuxedo pants, white pleated front button-down shirt and bow tie


My hubby had decided to wear his white dinner jacket that I had given to him as a Valentin’s Day gift two years ago. I really like the vibe of this look. My name is Bond, James Bond. 😉 To stay with the theme, I wanted to go for a sleek Bond girl type of look – like Domino in Never Say Never or the bad gal Xenia Onatop in Golden Eye. Thus, I wore my black velvet dress with long back slit and little cropped velvet jacket. Since we weren’t sure whether we could take in situ photos of my outfit, we took some prior to taking off to the ball (see below). The third photo was taken at the venue. As you see I had decided for another pair of dance shoes at the last minute.

What would you have worn to an Inaugural Ball? Doesn’t it look like Tango?


blogger Nicole in an evening gown with cropped jacket at the Walker Mallott Inaugural Ball
My outfit at the ball


fashion blogger in evening gown with back slit
Scott Mac Clintock velvet evening gown with long back slit and neo-tango sandals and collier de chien belt



Why I Regretted Checking my Boots to Wear Sexy Sandals

At the coat clerk, every woman got a little flower piece to decorate her gown (see first photo). I had checked in my boots at the coat clerk, which I regretted a bit. The floor was so cold that it seemed as if the ice from the last ice hockey game was still underneath. Unfortunately, later in the evening,  the cold floor in the seating area caused that some people stand on the dance floor for doing their politics! Styrofoam under hardwood builds a great insulation.

But this fact did not keep dancers from dancing. They just moved to other free areas. The normal floor was better for dancing anyhow. The dance floor was so slippy like someone had used it as a practice for their ski wax class. 😉


Humor the Alaskan Way at the Walker Mallott Inaugural Ball

The food was great, the entertainment excellent. The greatest laughter of the evening was when the Lt. Governor said “white men singing at us.” He referred to the Great Land Sounds Men’s Chorus (photo below) who were part of the entertainment. But in my opinion, the best thing of the ball was dancing with my hubby all night. 😉

Great Land Sounds Men's Chorus singing a song
Great Land Sounds Men’s Chorus singing at the Fairbanks Inaugural Ball for entertainment


In the announcement of the ball, it stated “… new Governor and Lt. Governor who have shown us that “Unity = Victory…For ALL Alaskans”!!!”

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