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  1. Fight winter boredom by shopping your closet for new looks
  2. Style a sheath as skirt
  3. Try to revamp your outerwear
  4. 48 Top of the World Style linkup-party

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Fight winter boredom by shopping your closet for new looks

When the winter wardrobe boredom sets in and spring still is a no show, don’t run to the stores and buy the leftovers of the winter season. Instead shop your closet for some new outfits.

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over 50 years old fashion blogger in a sheath worn as skirt
Fake skirt made of Ruby Belle sheath worn as skirt under Knit Wit sweater with Hunter boots, statement necklace (all own) and tight c/o Hanes

Style a sheath as skirt

If you have a sheath dress in your closet wear it as a skirt by wearing the sweater over instead of under the dress. You can even fake a half tuck! It’s easy! Just fold one side of the sweater inside and pin it to the dress. Ensure that the pinning is not visible from the outside. I have used this trick also when creating the outfit with fake half tuck in the post at the link

#maturefashion woman in sheath dress outfits with giraffe sweater
Skirt sweater ensemble created from a dress to get more wear out of the wardrobe. Ruby Belle plaid sheath and Knit Wit giraffe sweater, Hunter boots (all own) and tight c/o Hanes
zoom-in on statement necklace
Zoom-in on the statement necklace

Try to revamp your outerwear

Even when you  have a large, awesome coat wardrobe, you should style your outerwear and switch things up to get the reputation of being incredibly stylish. Thus, also shop your closet with respect to your accessories. Try accessorizing  with belts or accessorizing with scarves for style. Why not both like in the photo below?

style blogger showing a shearling coat accessorized with a Russian scarf for a different look
Black shearling coat accessorized with Russian Pavlova scarf and statement belt, Hunter boots, Philip Lim 3.1 tote (all own) and tight c/o Hanes

Don’t let your outfit be a random thing. Wear the right look in every situation by looking up what to wear when in How to Dress for Success in Midlife. Buy the book now.

How are you fighting the winter blues at the end of winter? How do you get more wear out of your wardrobe? Tell me your tricks, I am curious. Link up your examples below in addition to your OOTD. You don’t need a blog to participate in the linkup. Instagram posts work as well. See you at the party! 🙂

outfit idea from shopping your closet how to wear a sheath as skirt
Ruby Belle sheath dress worn as skirt under Knit Wit sweater, Hunter boots, statement necklace (all own) and tight c/o Hanes

48 Top of the World Style linkup-party

Welcome to the 48th Top of the World Style fashion linkup party. Thanks to those of you who linked up in the past. I can’t wait to see what you are wearing this week.

As usual, the Readers’ Fav OOTD goes to the link you clicked the most, which was Nancy’s post. She is the blogger of Fashion and Food and Other Stuff. Johanna from 101 Things I Love became My Fav OOTD.

Top of the World OOTD at the Top of the World Style weekly linkup part
Top of the World OOTD Readers’ Fav and My Fav Nancy and Johanna, respectively. Photos from these ladies’ blogs

Congrats ladies, please grab your respective featured Top of the World OOTD button from the fashion linkup directory.

I am honored to introduce you to this week’s co-host of Top of the World Style Roxanne. She lives in Washington, D.C. with her husband and two giant cats called Jake and Elwood. She worked as an attorney for two years in Cleveland, Ohio and moved to DC in August 2015 when she got married. While her lawyer job is writing intensive, she still craves a reason to write creatively. She created Glass of Glam as an outlet to write about things that she enjoys. Take a minute and stop by her blog to say Hi.

#linkup co-host of the Top of the World Style fashion linkup party every Thursday
Co-host Roxanne from Glass of Glam. Photo from her blog

Now let’s get the party going. Everyone of any age and gender is welcome to share their fashion and style posts.
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