This category provides posts that teach you the basics for shopping in consignment, thrifting, and second-hand stores as well as tips for shopping on eBay. In addition, you learn how to look modern in second hand clothing.

  1. What to Look when Buying Second-Hand as a Newbie
  2. What’s Best to Do Now?


Reasons Why to Buy Second Hand

High-end brands or designer are too expensive for many men and women. Many rich fashionistas and fashionisters buy the newest pieces of their favorite brands and designers each season, and sell or donate them when they are still in excellent shape. At these prices, they items may still be expensive for Jane and John Doe, but affordable as an investment piece. Learn how to save with second-hand wardrobe updates. Furthermore, you may want to slow down fashion and/or look for more sustainable fashion.


What to Look when Buying Second-Hand as a Newbie

When you are new to buying second-hand clothing, start with this guide on what designer brands to look for at thrift shops. It includes Dos and Don’t when buying used apparel plus a downloadable list that you can store on your phone so you have it always handy.


How to Get the Most for Your Money

Learn how to gauge the market and bit with my tips to 5 star shopping on eBay. Time is money. Read how to score high in a consignment store, and the secrets of thrifting bloggers for great fashion finds. This includes not over-spending your fashion budget.

The posts also guide you to more detailed resources on saving and fashion on a budget, or how to save time when clothes shopping.


How Not to Look Old-Fashioned in Second-hand Clothing

Finally, it is important to not to look old fashioned wearing second-hand clothing. Learn how look like a 1000 bucks for just a couple of bucks. Also many references to further outfit inspirations with second hand clothing for work and play.


What’s Best to Do?

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