Shape ideals can stress you out

Most women have some “shape issues” with respect to natural deviation from the “beauty ideal” of an hour glass figure. Today I want to address four of them, muffin tops, long torso, flat bum, and wide shoulders. In future posts, I will address further problem zones like heavy arms, bingo wings, thick ankles, apple shape, straight-up-and-down, triangle shape.

mature woman in lace dress
eShakti lace dress with Dooney and Brouke bag, Michael Kors sandals (all own), and wood watch c/o Jord

Muffin tops

Look for fabrics with movement like ruching, or draping, tops or dresses made of thick, structured fabric, mid- or high raise jeans or pants that end above the problem zone, long blazers or cardigans, or this fall’s long vests. Combat the muffin top with shape wear like a Spanx camisole, or panties that flatten your tummy. Anything that elongates the silhouette is helpful too.
Stay away from anything clingy, low raise pants, jeans, or skirts, clothes that are tight at your waist, cropped jackets. Avoid to create a horizontal line at the height of your problem zone. Recall horizontal lines draw attention to it.
midlife woman with work outfit
Side view of work outfit with eShakti lace dress with Dooney and Brouke bag, Michael Kors sandals (all own), and wood sport watch c/o Jord

Flat bum

Look for jeans and pants with pocket flaps, or details on the back pockets. Jeans with curved seams give the illusion of more “volume”. Go for high waist bands. Try an A-line dress or skirt. If you have great legs, try skirts or dresses with asymmetrical hems as they draw the attention away from the bum to your legs.
Stay away from pencil skirts, clingy skirts or dresses, pants without back pockets, low waistbands, straight tight skirts.
posh chic midlife woman in shape giving lace dress and sandals
Back view of fitted eShakti lace dress with Dooney and Brouke bag, Michael Kors sandals (all own), and sport wood watch c/o Jord

Shoulders like John Wayne

Look for dark tops and dresses with deep V-necks. The V-neck makes the eye move up and down rather than horizontal. The dark color gives the illusion of smaller shoulders than you have. Wear always the darker color on the top when you are an inverted triangle. Look for fit-and-flare dresses to balance the wide shoulders.
Stay away from light tops, ruffles along your shoulders, Carmen tops (recently called off-the-shoulder look), cap sleeves, poof sleeves, flutter sleeves,horizontal stripes, tops with boat-neck.
summer work outfit for mature women
Front view of eShakti lace dress with Dooney and Brouke bag, Michael Kors sandals (all own), and wooden watch c/o Jord

Long torso

Look for dresses with Empire or high waist, high-raise pants, jeans and skirts, palazzo pants. Wide belts are made for you.
Stay away from low-raise jeans, pants, and skirts, drop-waist dresses, skinny belts (they look lost), and rompers. The latter won’t have the slight bulk of fabric at the waist as you need the full length to fit into them.

When you liked this post share with your BFF or your worst enemy 😉 how to dress for your shape.

What is your specific shape problem? Let me know. I love to help you in solving your shape dressing challenges.

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Photos: G. Kramm

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