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Clothes Sales Tips for Women in Midlife

New additions to your wardrobe matter for ageless style. However, an important aspect of ageless style is what you add to your wardrobe. When you are on a budget – and most of us are – a great way to save money on clothes is to buy the sales. However, you know that a big mistake is to buy a statement piece when you need a workhorse. So it is important to be informed what will be a bargain and when to splurge.

Browse the Winter (Summer) Sales for First Spring (Fall) Items

The winter sales are in full swing and the substitute shoppers try the first spring trends to see what sells and what doesn’t. Winter is still in full swing or just has started in some regions. Some Fashionistas suffer already from winter wardrobe boredom where the snow cover has blanketed the landscape since October, or even late September (e.g. Interior Alaska). Thus, we are all tempted to get something new to get a fresh view in our outfits and wardrobe.

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midlife style blogger in casual posh chic winter office look with Coach booties found in summer on sale
Casual winter office look with Oliveo denim skirt, Ann Taylor sweater, Kieselstein Cord belt and buckle, GNW tight, Coach booties found on summer sale (all own) and boot toppers c/o Top of the Boot

Five Big Mistakes When Shopping the Sales

There is nothing wrong with buying items on sale, but shopping the sales can be like a walk on a mine field for any fashionista who strives for ageless, but modern – fashion forward – style. Here are the five major mistakes that you should avoid to not ruin your wardrobe and personal style and to avoid to become a sales victim.

  1. Don’t buy low quality pieces.
    • Please be aware that many stores buy items just for the sales. These pieces are often of low quality with respect to the manufacture and/or fabrics. They look like what they are, cheap, and cheap is never stylish, it is just cheap.
  2. Don’t buy anything that does not fit. Needed changes should not be more than shortening a hem or the sleeves.
    • Don’t buy an item that is a size or more too large. Tailors are artists that can fix many things. But a piece that is a size up has a different cut. Depending on the cut, it cannot be changed as the cut in your size could need material where there is none in the larger size. The tailoring may become so expensive that you don’t save anything, even worse, you have an altered item instead of the original in your size when you had bought it in fall.
    • Never buy an item that is too small thinking I will loose a couple of pounds and it will fit. You will end up with a wardrobe full of unworn clothes and nothing to wear. Always buy for the size you are now.
  3. Don’t buy anything just because it is a big name when it is not your color, size, and/or style. It will just take up real estate in your closet.
  4. Don’t assume that an item is on sale because of the end of the season. There is often a reason why an item is 60 or 70% off. Check all sales items carefully for flaws. There is a reason why all sale items are final.
  5. Don’t buy an item just because it is on sale.
    • Never buy an item when you can’t come up with at least three outfits with pieces that you already own.
    • Always keep in mind what you have already in your closet. When you own already a black pencil skirt, a black straight skirt, a black A-line skirt, a black midi-skirt, and a black skater skirt, do you really need a black leather skirt? Wouldn’t a leather skirt in a different color be a better addition to your wardrobe? Of course, when your style is Goth, go for the black leather skirt if it is a great fit.
    • Before you buy a sales item always think about whether this item is this season’s It piece. If the answer is yes, use your judgement whether it will still be stil It next winter. This means if it is not a variation/twist on a classic, skip it. Also ask yourself whether you will like it also in the next season.
    • Another question you should ask yourself is whether you would have wanted the item, i.e. would you have been in love with the item if it were not on sale. If the answer is no, skip it and save the money. Only buy what you truly love. In everything else you will not feel confident and great, two main ingredients of ageless style.
    • Don’t make the mistake to forget what you actually need. Look for these items first as these are pieces that will up your wardrobe. Thus, first take inventory of your closet before browsing the sales.
#over40woman in posh casual winter work outfit with Coach booties bought on summer sale
Oliveo denim skirt with Ann Taylor sweater dyed navy blue, Kieselstein Cord belt and buckle, GNW tight, Coach booties (all own) and boot toppers c/o Top of the Boot


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Stylist’s tip: Another great way to stay on a budget while buying great clothes is buying second hand. See these tips on how to score high on eBay and what designer brands to look for in thrift shops.

Have you hit already the sales? What do you need and will you look for? Are you already shopping for spring items? Just curious.

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