My secrets how to wear the fur skirt trend

#fashionover40 woman looking posh in turquoise Jimmy Choo boots

Faux fur is having a moment

Faux fur scarves, headbands, pom poms on knit hats, vests, sweaters, coats and skirts are a big trend this winter. Anoraks have fur trim in all colors of the rainbow. There are even bags in the faux fur trend.

While the trend is easy to style when it comes to accessories, styling a faux fur multi-color sweater is more challenging. For the darling – and obviously I am one of them – a hairy skirt is It. This trend maybe too warm for the southern US, and more wearable in the West than East. It is a really trendy way to stay warm in Alaska, Canada and the Northern states with cold winters or way up high in the mountains, Eastern Scandinavia and Europe. Here winters often have negative temperatures in the double digits. But read on, this post like most of my posts, is about turning fashion into style.

#midlifestyle woman in Max Mara fur skirt with Jimmy Choo tall boots
Max Mara A-line fur skirt, Brooks Brothers cashmere sweater, silk scarf, DIY belt, Jimmy Choo tall shearling boots

Style this fur-skirt trend like a classics

In midlife, it is best to go for a natural looking color with this trend and a classic cut. One has to be aware that the hair adds visually weight. Thus, stay away from any Dirndl-style cut. Most flattering in this trend is an A-line cut. It adds the least weight around the hips, but it adds pounds as you can see in the indoor outfit photos. Tweet about this cut tip!

#trendsinmidlife woman looking chic in the fur skirt trend
Max Mara A-line fur skirt, Brooks Brothers self-dyed cashmere sweater, abstract floral print oblong silk scarf, DIY belt with pony hair details, and Jimmy Choo turquoise tall round toe shearling boots (all own)

Keep vertical lines at minimum

To keep the look posh, I went for a sleek top. I added tall boots that are tall enough to not show the tight between the skirt’s hem and the top of the boots. Horizontal lines add weight, remember? Too off set the added weight from the hairy skirt a bit, I went for high heels to add height. To tie the outfit together I added an oblong floral print scarf. It repeats the turquoise of the boots and sweater and the black of the skirt.

#fashionover50 woman donning a chic winter look in London Tradition pea coat and Max Mara skirt
Standing in front of a deck fire in my Max Mara A-line fur skirt, London Tradition pea coat, Pavlovo Posad Russian shawl, LV saddle bag, LeatherCoatsEtc gloves, headband, and Jimmy Choo turquoise tall round toe shearling boots (all own)

Styling the fur skirt with outerwear

Actually, in its origins, these skirts were meant to be worn as outerwear over a real skirt. The idea was to be able to wear a jacket without getting a cold bum. Many women as they get older have some osteoporosis. These women have a hard time wearing heavy, long down coats or long, heavy coats at all. Thus, the idea of outerwear separates served to keep the weight on the shoulders and spine lower and reduce the risk of static fatigue fractures of the vertebrae. Given this background the natural choice is a jacket.

#styleover50 woman in chic winter look with jacket and trendy skirt
Back view of winter look with Max Mara skirt, London Tradition pea coat, Pavlovo Posad shawl, LeatherCoatsEtc gloves, headband, and Jimmy Choo high heel shearling boots (all own)

I went for this short-jacket length pea coat (for a review of the London Tradition pea coat see the link). To up the style I added a floral print Russian scarf with fringe. The multi-color bag with white background picks up the colors of the scarf, gloves and boots. The scarf has a white background as well.

#midlifestyle woman in posh winter look with LV Murakami bag and Pavlova scarf
Side view of winter outfit with Max Mara runway fur skirt, London Tradition double breasted burgundy pea coat, Pavlovo Posad Russian scarf, Louis Vuitton multi color Murakami saddle bag with studds, LeatherCoatsEtc suede gloves, headband with pom pom details, and Jimmy Choo shearling boots (all own)

This trend adds “weight”

I bought this skirt to wear it with a jacket over another skirt. Sometimes my back just hurts from sitting at the computer all day long at work. Only because it’s an It thing now, I styled it as a real skirt as it is meant to be by the designers. Since at negative temperatures in the double digits everyone bundles up, the added weight just shifts the spectrum. When bundling up it is important to not look like a dumpling.

In summary: This faux fur-skirt trend is a no-no for anyone who minds adding pounds with their daily (indoor) outfit. However, as outerwear in cold climate countries with negative double digits it’s a welcome alternative to a heavy long down coat when worn with a jacket over a skirt, and a stylish variation of the jacket with quilted skirt look.

Will you jump the bandwagon of the faux fur everything beyond accessories? Have you already jumped the bandwagon? What did you buy? How do you style it?

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Photos of me: G. Kramm

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