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Unbranded mask, thrifted coat, unbranded head band, Adidas pants, Harley Davidson booties, Celine bag and LeatherCoatEtc gloves (all own)

Black Friday 2021 will be more like Cyber Monday prior to the pandemic. So standing in the cold in the queue at Walmart, Old Navy, Sports Authority, etc. already at 4 am won’t do the trick to catch the best deals. This post is about best navigating the biggest sales of the year and some personal shopping memories.

Updated: 11/20/2021

  1. Black Friday the new way
  2. What I hope goes on sale for Black Friday at Adidas
  3. What I love about Adidas clothing
  4. My favorite jacket
  5. How to Navigate Black Friday during the Pandemic in a nutshell


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Black Friday the New Way

I took inventary of things that are still on my fall/winter shopping list this weekend. Then I did a little browsing for the items on the list. I bookmarked them for cyber week. There are plenty of deals to be had at Adidas during Black Friday. Next I searched for promo codes. And I found some coupons for Adidas Black Friday Deals at Slickdeals.

Saving tip: Before hiting Pay Now – no matter what you buy – check out their exclusive Black Friday pages so you can score the best deals.


post banner showing a woman carrying shopping bags



What I Hope Goes on Sale for Black Friday at Adidas

Well you guess that new sportswear is on my shopping list. What I hope goes on sale are the Stella McCartney pour Adidas boots.


What I Love about Adidas Clothing

The first ever Adidas clothing I bought from my allowance as a kid were a pair of spikes. The pair had a huge discount in the end of summer sales. I wanted traction when running on unpaved paths in the woods. In the humid Lower Rhine region, jogging paths were slippy. Especially, in fall, wet leaves on the ground were a big slipping hazard. The spikes, of course, didn’t make the mandartory running with Dad and my sister more fun. However, they effectly helped to avoid making contact with the muddy ground. I liked that the shoes worked excellently for the purpose I bought them:

To avoid getting dirty and/or hurt.


zoom in on the three stripes of the pants that look like casual tux pants
Side view of outfit described below


fashion influencer in fake suit in black, white gray and purple
Front view of outfit


over 50 years old woman with fishnet sock, pumps, casual unmatched suit, scarf and polka dot blouse
Outfit details: Chantal satin pumps with faux cristals buckle, Adidas track pants, Jones New York polka dot button-down shirt, Anne Klein glen check blazer, Oscar de la Rente floral with polka dot oblong scarf, Rebecca Collins necklace, Wendy Mignot pearl studs and unbranded fishnets


Later in life, stunning athleisure looks at work and play became a trend, I remembered the good experience I had made with my spikes. They had been very durable! You get a great value for an affordable price! That being said the price-per-wear goes easily below a dollar. And the brand has the bold colors I love. Thus, it was no question to choose an Adidas jacket in fuchsia for the trend.


My Favorite Jacket

Can you believe that this jacket is already over ten years old? It’s my favorite piece from this brand and a goto for a casual posh look. This means I wear it a lot! You want proof? See how I wear my Adidas jacket.

I hope the original Adidas puffer jacket with hoodie  goes on sale. It would be perfect for a sporty winter look.


style blogger in fuchsia Adidas jacket, houndstooths skirt, semi-opaque tights
Front view of casual look with Adidas jacket


fashion blogger in black, white patterned skirt, semi opaque tights, pink jacket, shearling booties
Back view of above look


fashion blogger in business casual skirt outfit with athleisure jacket
Outfit details: Salamander shearling booties, Moda International chasmere sweater, Akoya pearls, Adidas jacket, Banana Republic houndstooth skirt, Hermes collier de chien bangle, diamond studs (all own) and semi opaque tights c/o Hipstik

How to Navigate Black Friday during the Pandemic in a Nutshell

Navigate shopping on Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Cyber Week by

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