Unless you are a heiress, married rich, became rich or won the lottery, you are likely to shop for fashion on a budget. Here you find tips how to get the style you want on a budget. This includes tips how you can buy brand new high fashion on eBay. You can download a list what brands you should look for in second hand stores. Furthermore, you can find tutorials and tools that help you to set up a fashion budget.

This category also encompasses guides how to navigate the sales to get the most for your bucks. There are resources to find the lowest price online for an item you are interested in. Finally, some posts provide tips to use discounts, promo and coupon codes.

Shopping tips also include a discussion to distinguish between basics and statement pieces, when to splurge or bargain, what garments or items to invest in, and how to avoid impulse buying. You can find tips to develop a capsule wardrobe on a budget. Posts address planning a working wardrobe that meets your lifestyle and needs, while remaining within your budget limits. Of course, all posts aim at creating an awesome wardrobe within your financial limits without looking like fashion on a budget.

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