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Chinese print inspired mesh dress c/o Femme Luxe, own Stephainie dance sport shoes, Gucci belt

This post reviews cheap trendy wardrobe updates from Femme Luxe. Read what I think about the pieces.

  1. Femme Luxe Has a New Web Address
  2. What I Was Looking for
  3. Price-Performance Ratio
  4. Who Will Like these Clothes
  5. Wardrobe Updates from Femme Luxe in a Nutshell


Disclosure: Ad. The lounge wear and dresses are samples of my choice from Femme Luxe. The post is not endorsed by them. I wrote it entirely myself and it represents my own 100% honest opinion.


Femme Luxe has a new web address

Recently, Femme Luxe got a new website address that exactly matches their name with a dot co dot uk extention. It’s now so much easier, when you loved a piece of clothing and want from the same brand. You just look at the tag. You won’t have to google the brand anymore as now the tags and online store match. It’s helpful, don’t you think so? Any how, let’s talk about the samples. It takes out one struggle of wardrobe updates.


What I was looking for

I wanted a new dance dress. Just something fancy, more dressy that just gym clothes and a practice skirt. COVID-19 may be the reason. We can’t go out dancing anymore. The only dancing that’s possible is training. Thus, this Chinese print and cheongsam inspired mesh dress has the right glamor and drama I was looking for.

Did you know that the cheongsam is also called qipao? It means long gown.


stylist in dragon and pagoda print mesh dress with Chinese inspired cut

dancer striking a pose in a blue bodycon mesh dress over leggings

demonstrating the high slit of the dress
Outfit details: Chinese print inspired mesh dress c/o Femme Luxe, own Stephanie professional dance sport shoes, Coolibar leggings, unbranded layering top, Gucci belt. As is demonstrated in the photos the dress permits movement with its high side slit. The see-thru of the mesh material requires wearing leggings and a layering top underneath.


I was looking for a jersey or knit winter dress in olive for a long time. This faux wrap midi version made the cut because I loved the wrapping details. I wasn’t sure about the interesting statement sleeves. However, since they are 3/4 and gathered just below the elbow, I gave it a try. It’s a trendy touch on a classic cut. What can go wrong? Femme Luxe allows returns.

Like the first item, the third piece was on my list because of the pandemic. Who wants to wear the same old loungewear day-in-day out when you have nowhere to go and no zoom-meetings?


New web address, but same affordable price, fit and quality

When the package arrived, I was curious whether the ordered items had the same quality as those I ordered before. When I browsed the shop, the prices for trendy fashion have been as cheap as before. The last time, I browsed their store was in late spring. Indeed, the quality stayed the same as before. Who doesn’t love that?

The loungewear looks almost like a matte satin. In plain English, luxe, not cheap. The tie-dye inspired print looks pretty real. On the inside, the fabric feels very soft and cozy. Perfect for fall and feeling relaxed.

The dress with wrap detail has no annoying back zipper, i.e. no hassle to ask your significant other for help. You pull it over your head or when you are like me, step into it and pull it up and push your arms into the sleeves. Which ever way you prefer.


fashion influencer in trendy olive attire with puff sleeves

details of the drape and necklace

stylist in khaki garment, layering top, tights, booties and statement necklace
Femme Luxe khaki drape detail bodycon dress with own GNW tights, Fendi booties, unbranded layering top, Hermes collier de chien bangle, Rebecca Collins necklace


All three pieces – well actually four when you count the pants and top of the tie-dye look printed PJs separately – are true to size. My experience to go for the larger size with body conscious dresses, when on the fence, was the right decision too. I am one size larger on the top than bottom.

It also is worth mentioning that the quality is the same as in other pieces of their collection that I reviewed before.


Price-Performance Ratio

My regular readers know that my criterion for great performance is the price-per-wear.

When an item gets below $1 per-wear over its tenure in one’s closet, I give it a thumbs up.

The blue Chinese print mesh bodycon Midaxi dress – Vivienne – costs $24.88 (£22.39). There is no question that the mesh dress will get below $1 per wear in no time. We have dance practice twice a week! And I love the piece so much that I will wear it also when going out dancing once we are allowed socializing 3D and in color again.

The khaki belted bodycon midi dress – Angelica is also available in black, pink and burgundy. It costs $23.57 (£17.99). In my opinion, the khaki has a slight touch to olive. Actually, when I saw it in the online store, it was the olive color that attracted me. However, it said khaki. I ordered it nevertheless as I liked the shade. However, someone looking for a real khaki shade in light sandy brown might be disappointed. Since the dress is perfect for layering – see the outfit inspirations – you can get enough wear out of it before the trendy sleeves will be out of style. Actually, when you watched the SS 2021 shows and took a look at the trends – that won’t happen any time soon.

I wonder whether the sale numbers of lounge wear went up since COVID-19.

The grey tie dye oversized sweatshirt loungewear set – Natalia – will pass that $1 mark fast, when you like it comfy when working from home and have no zoom meeting.


over 50 years old woman in cheap loungewear

lifestyle blogger in grey white loungewear set on a sofa

fashion blogger in PJ
Loungewear c/o Femme Luxe, own socks



Who Will Like these Clothes

The Chinese fashion inspired mesh-dress is perfect, affordable choice what to wear to a Chinese New Year party, no matter what your personal style is. It’s a great choice for all women whose personal style preference are Glamor or Drama. The piece strikes the right balance between modest and sexy.

This “olive green” dress with wrap detail is perfect for all women with small breasts. It adds some drama and bulk where we need it. It’s a nice work dress when you are in the creative job field. It’s also a great option for going out for dinner. This garment is also a great choice for a civil or winter wedding guest.

On women with full breasts, it will lead to a lot of cleavage and probably look more likely like in the photos on the store page.

If you love the look of tie-dye, but don’t like the feeling of tie-dyed products, this smooth, comfy two-piece combo is a great opportunity for you to don the look.

I am pretty sure my bff would love both dresses. I can recommend the three pieces to my friends when they are looking for a cheap and trendy wardrobe update.

You can buy these dresses and similar trendy, affordable pieces at Femme Luxe.


Wardrobe Updates from Femme Luxe in a Nutshell

Femme Luxe only has a new, more customer friendly web address, but still has trendy, cheap clothes in the same quality for the price as before. Browse their collection now.

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See also my review on their bodyconcious dresses for going out.

Photos of me: G. Kramm
Other photos: N. Mölders

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