See white powder is no reason to panic

#fashionover40 casual spring work outfit
GNW wool cashmere sweater with Newport News leather pants, silk scarf, Kieselstein Cord belt and buckle, and Coach booties (all own)

White night somewhere in the middle of Nowhere, Alaska

1am on a Thursday summer night. The Sun’s disk peaks into the window of the old roadhouse and puts the floor into some kitschy orange pink light. The air smells like sweat, aged tobacco smoke, beer passed its prime time with a hint of French fries, wine and a sweet perfume. A young man with East European features slips the generous tip from the last guests in his spotty apron pocket.

“Ma’m” he addresses the manager who puts half empty liquor bottles back onto the shelf. His voice sounds nervous. “I’m out of here!” he says much louder and more aggressively than he intends. He is tense. The mid-life woman turns around as if she has all the time in the world. She puts her large barely tanned hands on the counter for a more comfortable position. She was on her legs since more than 14 hours and looks tired. Her warm dark eyes look friendly at him as if they were petting his brown short curly hair. “Why do you want to leave early today?” she asks in a soft warm voice. “I’m not leaving early today!” he hastily replies “I mean I meant to terminate my job working here!” He meanwhile stands in front of the woman with just the counter separating them. “Why?” she asks without any change in her position, face or voice.

He had gone thru his “termination speech” every night after work for about three weeks now. He had made up plans on how to respond to all kinds of reactions, but “why?” was not an option in his plans A thru Z. He feels his adrenaline going up, his head turns red and he starts sweating like a pig. His sweat pearls reflect the mid-night sunlight like pink sapphires.

He jumps around like in a soccer game to get back on the ball that missed its pass. In big steps, he runs to the corner of the wall. “That why!” he screamed pointing with both hands and all ten fingers on the ground. “That white powder freaks me out! I am studying law back home and I don’t want to be involved in something!” he jells in his English with Slavish accent. His face reads pure panic when he turns to look at her.

Like one of the first walking dolls from the 60s the woman hobbles from behind the counter. Her body has a wavelike calm motion when she transfers her weight from one leg to the other as she moves towards him. She bends down to the white powder in the corner at the wall and sticks her sausage like fingers into it. Coming back up she puts her powdery fingers towards her nose and then to his nose. He is about to loose control when she says “Smell it. This is baby powder. The dancers use it to better slide on their dance shoes over the concrete. See the white stripes and shoe prints over there on the dance floor? They did that already back then when I was a teenager doing the job you do now when my late dad took over this roadhouse from his dad over 50 years ago.”

You can read another Alaska roadhouse story at the link.

fashion over 40 American West casual work look
Orvis suede blazer with GNW sweater, Newport News leather pants, silk scarf, Ray Ban sunglasses, Kieselstein Cord belt and buckle, and Coach booties (all own)


Now to the OOTD. Spring still plays hide-and-seek. Nevertheless, I tried to throw together a spring-worthy look with a sweater in one of spring’s trend colors and white leather pants. Yes, I heard about the fashion rule “No white before Memorial Day.” But fashion rules are made to be broken 😉 . I added the suede blazer for an American West vibe and accessorized the spring look with a silk scarf and belt. To stay warm, I wore my boxy leather coat.

#fashionover50 spring casual work outfi
Boxy leather coat with Orvis suede blazer, Newport News leather pants, Michael Kors leopard print satchel bag, Ray Ban sunglasses, Coach booties and silk printed scarf (all own)

What do you wear at this a year time when it is not really spring yet, but not really winter anymore neither? Let me know by email how I can help you.

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Photos: G. Kramm

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