6 dos and don’ts for mother of the bride dresses shopping

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How to dress your best for your kid’s wedding

Remember your own wedding? It was one of the happiest moments of your life. Remember how beautiful and awesome you felt in your outfit? You dressed to your best for the big day. You very so happy back then when you found that perfect dress!

Now it’s your daughter’s big day! You are the proud mother of the bride. Look your best on the day of her nuptials too with the perfect dress.

#angrila_dress Lavender lace 3/4 sleeve above the knee mother of the bride dress
Angrila lavender lace 3/4 sleeve above the knee mother of the bride dress

The 6 dos when shopping for a mother dress

When shopping for the attire keep these aspects in mind.

  1. For the perfect wedding album and photos, it is important to coordinate the vibe and dress-style (e.g. romantic, Boho, classic, urban, glam, hats or not, casual, black-tie), location (e.g. church, beach, outdoor, garden), season, daytime of the wedding (evening, afternoon, etc.) and colors of the wedding party.
  2. Show your best asset. Remember less is more. Great style means
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  3. Talk to your daughter and your soon-to-be son-in-law’s mother. Doing so avoid that by accident you and your daughter’s mother-in-law look like the Olson twins wearing the same dress at the wedding. It also avoids that you buy a dress in a color that clashes with those of the wedding party and/or the colors of the groom’s mother dress. You will be in many photos together!
  4. In contrast to the wedding dress, the dress you bought should not be a secret. Before you hit the buy now button, share the dress you intent to buy with your daughter and the groom’s mother. When your daughter likes the dress and you don’t get a response like “Oh I just bought that dress” hit buy now asap.
  5. Remember, beauty comes in all sizes, and plus-size is sexy. Buy your perfect plus size mother dress to look your best ever. Then show it off as you did at your own wedding.

    #motherofthebride #angrila_dress navy blue mother of the bride dress with lace
    Angrila navy blue plus-size mother dress with lace
  6. Like you did for your own wedding, start looking for the perfect dress early.

The 6 don’ts when buying a mother dress

  1. Don’t be stingy when it comes to buy an attire. You can’t hide in the photo in the back because you are plus-size, you don’t look your best, you don’t look like you could, your dress looks cheap, etc.
  2. Don’t buy an outfit in a color that is not flattering on you. You will look sick and old, and miss the chance to look your best.
  3. Don’t buy a dress in the color of the wedding party. You don’t want to be mistaken as one of the brides-maids.
  4. Don’t buy shoes you can walk in and stand on for the time of the ceremony.
  5. Don’t buy a dress that is not your style just because it is the cheapest. The wedding is the first time you meet many of his relatives. Thus, you want to look your best and let your clothes do the talking.
  6. Don’t run around with your i-Phone to capture every scene of the wedding. You would miss out on the fun and couldn’t enjoy the day.

Angrilla is a great source for mother dresses to look their best on the big day. Use the code ‘IG10’ to get $10 off.

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