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#eShakti custom made skirt

Since years, finding a skirt that fits perfectly is the hardest thing for me. Finally, my problem is solved thanks to eShakti. eShakti is a clothing company that specializes in affordable custom made clothing for every woman. They have designers in New York, California and India meaning that they cover a wide range from classic over casual over boho to romantic and from contemporary to vintage styles.

Recently, eShakti contacted me to review one of their products on my blog. When I had to make my choice it took me an hour to pick just one out of the many items I loved. I decided on this skirt for various reasons.  First, finding skirts that fit me is always a challenge. Thus, it meant I could really test drive them. Second, I was looking for a skirt with blog stripes in my colors for a long time without success and they offered exactly what I was looking for. Third, it is a very classic piece with such a surprising twist. A full on classic black pencil skirt with a sexy slit when seen from the back, and totally modern blog stripes in the front. One cannot do classic with a twist better than this!

#eShakti custom made skirt

Typically I have to shorten all my skirts as I am only 5ft 4′ (163cm) and love a length just above the knee. I ticked that box and got it to the exact favored length. Furthermore, I always have skirts to be nipped in in the back as I have a “meaty” derriere like all dancers. For eShakti my body features were no problem! I sent them my measures and got a skirt that is a perfect fit! No costly adjustments needed! I love it! Furthermore, the skirt has just the right ease so I felt comfortable and not like a sausage on legs when I sat in this skirt in my office today. Moreover, the skirt did not wrinkle.

#eShakti custom made skirt

I am also very impressed with the quality of the skirt. It is made from high quality cotton with a little spandax. This means I have no trouble to get into a typical Alaska truck. The stripes are not printed on! As you can see in the photos below eShakti sews these stripes! What a love for detail! This design makes the skirt really expensive looking. Custom fit plus high quality and their skirts’ prices are only what one usually pays just for a normal skirt!

#eShakti custom made skirt

#eShakti custom made skirt

At eShakti you can have your clothing custom made with respect to both size and style. This means they do not stock any clothing, because they cut it just for you. For eShakti your fit, and your style matters, i.e. you matter. How can you get closer to feel like Angela Jolie, Nicole Kidman or Jen Aniston – you name it. Of course, since eShakti cuts the clothing for you it takes them 14 business days (18 calendar days) from the date you ordered to ship your custom made clothing directly to you. Having no retailer between production and customer is the secret why they can keep their high quality custom made fashion affordable.

Will I buy from them in the future? Yes, definitively. Their customizing fee is very small, but adds so much style to an outfit. Fit matters. Period.

eShakti coupon code for 10% off

I am excited that eShakti has a coupon code ‘latitudes’ exclusively for my lovely readers to get 10% OFF when you shop at eShakti between 05-19-2014 and 06-19-2014. Let me know how you love your eShakti clothing.

#eShakti custom made skirt


Disclosure: This skirt was given to me by eShakti. The post is not endoresed by them. I wrote it entirely myself and it represents my 100% ownhonest opinion.

Photos: G. Kramm (2014)

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