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Who doesn’t immediately think Marilyn Monroe, Liz Taylor, Sophia Loren, when asked to describe what a Bombshell Style looks like? I love costume designer Collin Adwood‘s definition

It’s sort of like sexy without being obviously sexy. – Collin Adwood

This post is about getting and/or keeping this personal style, when you tune your body at the gym or get your cardio outside. Read how to put forward the look even at the gym with your best bombshell sportswear styling options.


  1. Having Bombshell Style is easy when you love working out
  2. What are the signatures of this iconic style?
  3. … how to create the hour-shape look


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Having Bombshell Style Is Easy when You Love Working Out

This iconic look is not only about the right skin-care, right attitude and having a curvy, hour-glass body. Actually, you can even fake the X-shape with the right clothes. When you love working out and tuning your body at the gym with yoga, Pilates, weight-lifting and outside by biking and running, you are already halfway there to don the look. Being a sports enthusiast doesn’t exclude to feminine personal style.

On the contrary, when your personal style is Bombshell or romantic style or when your workout gave you a well-tuned body, show it off when working out. There is no need to settle for casual style. In my opinion, Bombshell has sexy workout leggings and that’s all it takes to state that you love to be a woman.

I don’t mind living in a men’s World, when I can be the woman in it. – Marilyn Monroe

Therefore, when your personal style is all about being a woman and wearing feminine clothing, live it. Go for sexy workout clothes. Moreover, staying with an exercise routine is so much easier when you love your sports clothes.


What Are the Signatures of this Iconic Style?

Take a look at Jane Fonda, Cindy Crawford or Scarlett Johansson. What do these women have in common? Miles-long legs, a tiny waist, chest and hips having about the same width, a tuned bum and body. If you weren’t born with these good genes, the good news is

It’s 50% of what you’ve got, and 50% of what they think, you’ve got! – Sophia Loren

or in plain English: Fake these assets! Here is …



… How to Create the Hour-Glass-Shape Look

Heels, baby! Sky-high heels! And when working out, go for gym leggings with vertical lines. Up the style factor with see-thru mesh-material like in the photo below. Sure, wear a thong underneath! Laser-cut and glued are best to avoid VPL (visible panties lines).


gym bottoms with vertical stripes mesh details


Tip: Go for high waisted leggings and make the waist a focal point! All high-waisted pants and skirts add to the illusion of long legs.


Use color to balance your body to look hour-glass shape. Dark color makes the waist or bum look smaller than it is. Use a pastel when you want to make a flat bum or small hips look sexier, i.e. bigger and wider than they are. Pockets for your iPhone or keys at the height of your hips are not only practical, but also can create the illusion of wider hips. In the collage below, I featured Bombshell Sportswear’s great sexy leggings as examples of how to achieve easily these goals.


illustration of how color can give the illusion of thicker and thinner
Collage to show that you can use color to create the look of more or less when balancing your body to achieve an hour glass-shape


Sure, in everyday dressing, you use a belt or body conscious dress to emphasize your waist. The next photo provides an example how to apply this concept of drawing attention to the tinniest part of your torso in sportswear: Eye-catching details!


woman walking up the stairs in bottoms embellished at the waist
Example of sexy leggings for best bombshell sportwear style.


You see, when you love to work out, you are half-way there to the tuned body of the iconic style of Salma Hayek, Angelina Jolie, Eva Mendes or Beyonce – you name your favorite icon. All it takes to complete the look is to add the right clothes.

Who said sportswear can’t be sexy?

P.S. Did you know that you can even buy shape leggings?


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