Review of samples of my choice addressing their quality, price-to-performance ratio, fit, where to get them, why/when to buy them, and how to best use them. All reviews are written by myself and not endorsed by the brand or merchant. I always give my 100% honest opinion.

You can find reviews of both cheap and high quality fashion.

Reviews encompass why I chose the item, and what is special about it. Furthermore, I list my likes and dislikes including the reasons therefore. The price-performance ratio in terms of clothing, accessories, bags, and shoes is the cost-per-wear. If it goes below $1 over the expected tenure of the item in my wardrobe, I give a thumb up. Of course, the time depends on the quality of the item. In case of non-clothing related sample, the price will be evaluated by the quality of the item. In other words, is the item worth its price. Also the fit and sizing related to the size chart is discussed.

Posts also include who might like the item and how this group of potential customers would benefit from buying it.

When I dealt with the customer service, my experience is also included. Furthermore, shipping costs, whether an item is made in the USA or is from sustainable resources is addressed as appropriate.

I also include whether I would recommend buying it.

When I review items from a seller or brand before, I also address whether the quality remained the same over time.