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This post is my review of Entertaining Is My Love Language written by Dawna Pitts. Read why this book is a great resource for everyone who likes or has to host guests, and helps that the host/hostess can enjoy the event as well without feeling exhausted.



Disclosure: Ad. The book is a sample of my choice from Pacific Court. The post is not endorsed by them, the publisher nor the author. I wrote it entirely myself and it represents my own 100% honest opinion.


Entertaining Is My Love Language Showed Me What I Did Wrong Hosting Guests

When I was in my forties, my husband and I used to invite friends for dinner parties in the cold season, and potlucks or BBQs in the warm season. All three types of events basically took the entire weekend from shopping, preparing cleaning, cooking, cleaning. Consequently, we were exhausted the next week.

Therefore, we gave up having guests at home. Instead, we invited them in a restaurant. Of course, doing so was less exhausting, but also less fun, because you can’t sit long after the meal. In other words, it was even more frustrating than inviting friends at home.

Dawna Pitts book “Entertaining Is My Love Language” was an eyeopener for what I was doing wrong when hosting guests! In summary, I had no clue how to actually do it right because I had no plan to organize the event in a sufficient stress-free way.



Dawna ‘s Book Guides You Step-by-Step thru All Kinds of Gatherings

First, low key is important no matter whether it is a patio dinner, wine-pairing, multi-course dinner or just a party. Dawna provides for all hosting events a time line what to do when starting a week ahead to the final steps prior to the arrival of your guests.

These party planning tips, and tricks distribute the work over time including food and drinks needed, easy to make recipes, what can prepared beforehand, planning what to wear as the hostess of the event.

This step-by-step guidance takes out the stress of last minute shopping, cleaning, table setting, and dressing.


table of contents for the review of Entertaining Is my Love Language
Table of contents of Entertaining Is my Love Language by Dawna Pitts.



Table Settings, Recipes, Decoration Ideas for Asian, and American Meals

Entertaining Is My Love Language covers a variety of  party settings. Consequently, you can easily try new styles of entertaining your guests successfully. The book has photos of table settings, decorations, food and hostess outfits including tips to feel comfortable in matching shoes with heels.


photo of 2 pages on getting ready for the review of Dawna Pitts first book
Example pages showing Dawna Pitts in her very organized closet and tips  how to get ready and how to look stylish at a party as a hostess.


The recipes tell you what to buy. The lists for the table settings tell you what dishes, glasses, silverware, etc. you need for a certain invitation and how to set the table.

Regarding the décor, Dawna has an entire section on which flowers last long.


Great Ideas for Low Key Parties

The book told me that parties don’t need to be a multi-course dinner with different wines for each course all the time. Dawna guides you thru party ideas that you may have never thought of or have experienced.

What about an Al Fresco dinner?  It’s fast, low risk. Who doesn’t love this dish?

Have you ever been invited to a Mezze platter? It’s a genius idea because except for the meat everything can be prepared way before. Actually, many of the dishes on the platter even taste better when they had some rest before being served.


Mezza Platter
Photo of the Mezza Platter as an easy, stress-free low key party meal.



Take-Aways from the Review of Entertaining Is My Love Language

My take-home message  from Dawna Pitts’ book was that

  1. I had thrown parties the wrong way for years, and
  2. Hosting parties can be stress-free when you have an actual action plan that covers everything from invitation, preparation, hostess etiquette,  and getting your beauty and  dressing right.

Equipped with this book, I am eager to host the next party. Like her, I like to celebrate. That’s what parties do, right?

In a nutshell: I can really recommend the book.


Where to Buy Entertaining Is My Love Language by Dawna Pitts

You can buy Entertaining Is My Love Language as a hardcopy on Amazon for $39.95. It’s also a great gift for everyone who likes cooking and parties.


About Dawna Pitts

Dawna Pitts in little red dress in her kitchen
Dawna Pitts in a little red party dress styled ready for the party showing her kitchen.


Dawna Pitts was born in Seoul, South Korea.  As a teenager student, she moved to Australia where she met her future husband. Today she lives in Phoenix, Arizona with her husband and teenage son.  While she is not a cook, nor a celebrity, but a normal everyday gal, she loves to entertain guests. These facts make the book so relatable because she is a regular person like you and I. You can find her on Instagram at @entertainingismylovelanguage.

The mission of her book is to help others also to enjoy hosting stress-free parties.


Photos: N. Mölders

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