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This review of the Zenmed anti-aging products answers the questions “Does Zenmed anti-aging line work?” and how Zenmed clear peel works, pricing. Read about my experience with the product and judge the before after photos after 4 weeks. Also included is the price-performance ratio and where to buy.

  1. ZENMED now has an anti-aging line
  2. Retinol Booster
  3. Omegaceramide+ Recovery Moisturizer
  4. How Does Zenmed Clearpeel Work?
  5. Review of the Zenmed Anti-Aging Products in a Nutshell

Disclosure: The samples presented in this post have been given to me by ZENMED. This post is not endorsed by ZENMED. I wrote it entirely myself and the post reflects my 100% honest opinion.

ZENMED now has an anti-aging line

Zenmed is famous for its 100% Doctor-formulated, naturally-based skincare with a conscience in mind. They treat troubled skin with a natural and holistic foundation. Recently, ZENMED added an anti-aging line. I was lucky to be chosen to review three of their products, the Omegaceramide+ Recovery Moisturizer, the Retinol Booster, and the Clearpeel.

ZENMED Retinol Booster, Omegaceramide+ Recovery Moisturizer, and Clearpeel
Retinol Booster, Omegaceramide+ Recovery Moisturizer, and Clearpeel (left to right) all c/o ZENMED

Retinol Booster

You certainly know well that Retinol (Vitamin A) is often called the single most important skincare ingredient for anti-aging technology today. ZENMED’s Retinol Booster is designed to decrease the depth and size of wrinkles.

photo of ZENMED beauty products
Moisturizer and Clearpeel with Retinol Booster in the background

When I read vitamin A, I recalled my red, seemingly raw face from the vitamin A medication that my doctor prescribed against my terrible acne when I was a teenager. Forget about that. When I applied the Retinol Booster the first time there was an enjoyable, slight refreshing prickle like you had spread some sparkling water on your skin. After distributing the retinol on my face and neck I had the feeling my skin looked a bit tighter. I used the Retinol Booster every morning. I think ZENMED got at least one new customer here – Me.

anti-aging beauty products for women over 40
Clockwise from the upper left to lower right ZENMED products, before and after 4 weeks of use photos

Omegaceramide+ Recovery Moisturizer

The Omegaceramide+ Recovery Moisturizer is to support the natural collagen matrix of the skin, which is to reduce enlarged pores, fine lines, and the visibility of broken blood vessels. The moisturizer has a neutral base. It is designed to counter-act age-related moisture loss of the skin and to restore the skin’s vitality.

After the retinol dried, I applied the Omegaceramide+ Recovery Moisturizer. Note that I have extremely dry skin. I let the moisturizer suck in and then went on with my normal sunscreen and makeup. Note that ZENMED recommends to use a sunscreen when using the moisturizer.

How Does Zenmed Clearpeel Work?

The clearpeel serves for weekly refining treatment. It targets blackheads, pore congestion, rough texture, and blotchiness with all-natural enzymes. The clear peel dissolve dead skin cells thereby revealing a more youthfully looking (and feeling) skin.

Clearpeel is easy to use. You just distribute the product evenly and sparsely over your face and neck on one evening of the week, and wash it off as recommended. I used the product 4 times over the last 4 weeks. Each time my pores had a smaller appearance than prior to the treatment and one couldn’t see any blackheads/whiteheads hanging around in the pores. I really have to resist to use it more than the recommended one time per week.

In other words, the Clearpeel works better than the product I used before. The Clearpeel is currently on sale for $20, i.e. 50% off its original price.

Review of the Zenmed Anti-Aging Products in a Nutshell

Let me summarize my experience: The line offers affordable ant-aging products. After 4 weeks my skin felt smoother, and looked “cleaner” than before.

Judge yourself by looking at these before and after photos without any makeup.

face without makeup before use of Zenmed products
My face without makeup prior to starting to use the three ZENMED products mentioned in the post
my face after 4 weeks of using Zenmed anti-aging products
My face 4 weeks after starting to use the three ZENMED products mentioned in the post.

Are you using an anti-aging skincare? Have you already tried ZENMED’s products? They also offer skincare for scar reduction, rosecea and acne treatment. Have a look at their product palette to find your perfect anti-aging skin products.

Photos of me: G. Kramm
Photos of the products: N. Mölders

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