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Wild Spirit Discovery Set

Fragrances are an everyday luxury every woman should have. Read my review and how you can mix up the scents with the Wild Spirit Discovery Set.


  1. Why you should mix up your fragrances
  2. Get a collection of great fragrances
  3. Wild Spirit‘s collection won’t break the bank
  4. All their fragrances are vegan
  5. Meet the Wild Spirits
  6. Reinvent your note every day
  7. You are as unique as your fragrance
  8. Wild Spirit Fragrances Review in a Nutshell


Disclosure: Ad. This is a sponsored post powered by BrandBacker. The Wild Spirit Discovery Set is a sample from Wild Spirit. I wrote the post entirely myself and it represents my own 100% honest opinion.


Why you should mix up your fragrances

When I was in college, a lab mate could have settled for the title Perfume Lady. You could smell her coming. She had used the same sent since 7th grade. After more than one and a half decade, her nose was so used to it that it failed to smell it. Thus, my lab mate always overdid it! She would have measured her own fragrances if she were to measure volatile organic compounds that are the molecules of every great aroma.


Get a collection of great fragrances

To achieve an elegant, barely-there, but distinctly notable-there sent requires a collection of fragrances. A collection is a perfect solution to vary the fragrance every day. This way your nose keeps noticing what you apply. Consequently, you avoid the faux-pas of my lab mate.

Walmart Beauty 6 sample flacons with Alaska flowers
Wild Spirit collection of five different notes with Alaska wild flowers


Wild Spirit‘s collection won’t break the bank

No, a collection must not be expensive! Photographer Russel James and entrepreneur Joyce Lanigan created the brand Wild Spirit with the goals to combine clean beauty, green awareness, and affordability that embrace the true spirit within every person. Their Discovery Set, for instance, is available for just $14.98 @Walmart and at It contains four 7mL/0.24 FL OZ Eau de Parfum rollerball fragrances and two Rosy Glow samples. This collection is also very travel-friendly, so it can for sure keep up with your busy lifestyle.

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discovery set laying in the Alaska wilderness
The Discovery Set comes in this box that is easy to wrap as a gift for your bff

All their fragrances are vegan

Wild Spirit fragrances contain only natural essential oils like cinnamon, red seaweed, bergamot, black current, clove, sichuan pepper, lourel, mandarin, spearmint, jasmine, absolute, cedar wood, black pepper, and more. This means they are free of parabens, sulphates, and dyes! Who doesn’t love that?

It comes even better: You can get a 15% discount with the code “WILDSPIRITWELCOME” that you can redeem on


Meet the Wild Spirits

When you are reading the blog already for a while, you know that for my money, no outfit is complete without a parfum. I have a thing for wild, audacious, energetic and empowering notes like the salty air of the ocean waves or a bold aroma of a cedar forest. Driftwood combines salty ocean and cedar wood notes with fresh jasmine and wild freesia. Perfect for the go-getter boss-woman.

driftwood flacon with dolphinium and birch firewood
Driftwood on birch firewood with dolphinium flower in the foreground

Which woman doesn’t love a rose garden? Rosy Glow has juicy and vibrant hints of bergamot, succulent peach, lychee rose, and pink pepper like a summer in the Provence near Grasse or Montferrat. It’s perfect for every day!

Rose glow with wild Alaska flower
Rose glow with wild Alaska flower. I love the smell of blooming roses. They so smell like summer! Did you know that the only roses that survive in the Interior are Sitka roses and wild roses?


Have you ever been to Tuscany in spring? When you go on a romantic walk in the moon shine thru the outskirts of Pisa, Sienna, Florence, you name it, the charming smell of jasmine is in the air. Spring Jasmine captures this atmosphere with a completely enchanting blend of crisp green apple, warm vanilla, creamy jasmine, hints of blackcurrant, and a pinch of Sichuan pepper creates ultimate flower power memory.

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Living in Alaska for almost two decades let me say that First Snow is bold, powerful and adventurous. This sample blast of black pepper, Guaiacwood, juniper berries, birch, lemon, orange, vanilla and a hint of a candle providing light in a hut in the bush somewhere in the middle of nowhere.

First snow flacon of the Walmart Wild Spirit Discovery Set
First snow flacon of the Discovery Set on chokecherry twigs with fireweed, chokeberries and leaves


Chill is dreamy and delicious option smelling like being in an orchard with juicy golden apples softly touched by on ocean breeze. There are hints of vanilla and salted caramel and cinnamon reminding you of the upcoming holidays.


Chill sent bottle in front of a dandelion flower with yellow jacket
Chill parfum rollerball fragrance in front of a dandelion flower with yellow jacket


Reinvent your note every day

Sure, you can wear your favorite(s) alone. However, these scents are made to be layered, mixed and matched to create something new! Layering creates a different note each time, even when you mix the same basics. Since the protions differ every time, the outcome is slightly different each time (unless you measure the amounts and follow that mixture recipe). One time this or that note dominates. Best of all, your nose keeps noticing your fragrances, which saves you from over-doing it.

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Walmart Wild Spirit layering sent
Me holding one of the parfum rollerball sents of the Wild Spirit collection


You are as unique as your fragrance

Another advantage of layering is that it fits well with your striving for individuality and personal style. No woman ever would like to be in a room with another woman wearing the same outfit! Thus, why would she like to smell like the next person?

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fashion blogger holding a Wild Spirit sample of the first snow note
Me holding the first snow of the collection. Did you know that when the flurries fly after October 10, they tend to start the winter snowcover that lasts until breakup in spring?


Wild Spirit Fragrances Review in a Nutshell

Wild Spirit’s collection consists of cruelty-free, clean, fresh fragrances without sulphates, parabens or dyes at an affordable price! Get your wild spirit Discovery Set now!

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Photos of me: G. Kramm

Photos of flacons: N. Mölders

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