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Flatout – review

#TeamFlatOut Flatout c/o shoes in gold with the box in which they were packed including the shoes bag. #Review @ High Latitude Style @

#TeamFlatOut Flatout c/o Flat Out  in gold with the box in which they were packed including the shoes bag. #Review  @ High Latitude Style @
Flatout c/o FlatOut in gold with the box in which they were packed including the shoes bag. The shoes bag serves to keep things clean in your purse after you used the flatout shoes.

My best female friend was invited to a wedding this Labor Day weekend. When she talked about the wedding invitation about a month ago you could see she was looking forward to see the family, but she wasn’t looking forward to wearing a fancy dress and heels so sky high she would need her son and husband as walking aids. Who can’t agree with Abraham Lincoln’s statement “When my feet hurt I can’t think.”? Tweet this quote.

I had suggested her to get a pair of flatout to feel comfortable and safe. Flatout are like ballet dance shoes. You can roll them up and put them in your evening bag or clutch in the small bag that comes with them (see first photo of this post). They don’t take much more space than a pair of sunglasses.

#TeamFlatOut #review of flatout @ High Latitude Style @
Zoom-in on the sole of the flatout c/o FlatOut to showcase the profile that provides good grip on the floor

If you get them in metallic, nobody will even realize that the golden or silver blink they just saw, are your flatout. You can even go for a perfect illusion when you get your flatout in the color of your evening sandals or pumps that you wear when you have your entrance. 😉

In Alaska, a pair of flatout is great when you visit friends. In winter everybody always takes off the snow boots, bunny boots, ducks, or X-tra Tuffs when they enter the host’s house. There are several reasons. First, your feet would sweat in the boots and that would be the recipe for cold feet once you are back out in the cold, even in your car. Second, the snow caught by the soles would melt and ruin the carpet or wood floor. Third, hosts expect you to leave your boots in the entrance.

#TeamFlatOut #review of flatout @ High Latitude Style @
Flatout c/o FlatOut on the feet. They are secured with a rubber band sewn inside to stay on the foot without uncomfortable pressure

Due to permafrost, many Alaskan houses have no crawlspace or cellar. In permafrost areas, some houses are even built on stilts. Thus, being able to put on the flatout does not only protect your feet a bit from the cold floor, but also from collecting tons of dog hair with your socks. The latter is especially important to me as I am allergic to dogs. As you know, Alaskans don’t have a dog, they have DOGS! When I still lived in Goldstream, one of our neighbors was Mary Shields, the first women to finish the Iditarod. She had over 85 sled dogs!

I also like the flatout for summer because they protect my high heels from getting damaged when I drive. I have them in my car and swap my pumps with them for driving to work. In the parking lot, I swap back into the pumps.

What ideas do you have for flatout? If you don’t have a pair already, you can get them here. Which one is your favorite pair?

#TeamFlatOut #review of flatout @ High Latitude Style @
View on the flatout c/o FlatOut from the top when at the feet to showcase the cute bows

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Photos: G. Kramm, N. Mölders (2015)

Disclosure: The flatout are a sample from FlatOut. The post is not endorsed by them. I have written the post myself and it represents my own 100% honest opinion.

Copyright 2013-2015 Nicole Mölders | All rights reserved

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