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This Beneunder sunglasses and Beneunder sunhat review summarize my thoughts about these two products. Read about the price performance ratio, UV protection, styling options, and why I believe both are a great addition to any vacation and weekend wardrobe.



Disclosure: Ad. The sunglasses and sunhat are samples of my choice from Beneunder. The post is not endorsed by them. I wrote it entirely myself and it represents my own 100% honest opinion. This post has affiliate links.


Why I Picked the Beneunder Sunglasses and Sunhat for the Review?

Vacation season is right around the corner. No matter whether the plan is a staycation on the deck or a vacation on the beach, in the mountains or even a cruise. Spending more time outside requires sun protection. While a sunhat and sunglasses are in every baggage people often underestimate the importance of UV-protection of these “accessories”.


outfit ideas for Beneunder sunglasses review with floral dress and sandals
DIY dress, Belorita bag, citrine and moonstone necklace, Spring Step sandals, Hipstik pantyhose, Lookbook biker leather jacket with Fuwa optical glasses (left), magnetic clip-ons (middle). Right: Details of clip-ons, optical frame, shades, and mini-bag.



What Problem Do the UPF50+ Sunhat and Sunglasses Solve?

Did you know that the ancient Egyptians wore hats to protect their heads from the Sun’s radiation? Even when you are lucky and have thick, dense hair, sunrays can reach your scalp. Because being in the shade fails to rescue you from sunburn and protecting your scalp when staying outside for prolonged time. This is especially important around local noon in summer, and when on vacation in a region with stronger solar radiation than at home. This sunhat has a tight knit and is sun-safe because it has UPF50+.


outfit idea with blue orange floral print dress and Beneunder knit straw sunhat with gray hat band
Sun hat with gray brand logo hat band. Hermes collier de chien bangle, Nordgreen watch, Hipstik pantyhose.


Sunglasses protect you from the glare (reflection of sunrays) caused by smooth water surfaces, glaciers, white beaches, and glass or mirrored windows in town. They are also very helpful when driving against the Sun. Even the ancient Yupik people had recognized the importance of a glare-free view for whale hunting. They used bones with little slits to improve their sight.


collage showing the optical frame with clip-ons for the Beneunder sunglasses review
Fuwa optical frame with magnetic clip-ons. Outfit details: Great Northwest jacket, Covered Perfectly Tee, Celtic & Co kilt, GNW tights, Rebecca Collins Necklace, and plateau boots c/o Newbella.


What Surprised Me When I opened the Package?

I ordered the “color” old-lace/green floral. Surprisingly, in addition to this hatband, the straw hat also hat a gray one with the brand logo printed in silver gray. While it would be easy to DIY several bands, most people don’t have the time, especially prior to their vacations. The gray band is a classic that goes with nearly everything, while the printed band looks great with the typical warm climate vacation style.


In simple words, it’s sort like you have two hats. If you are not into florals, note that the sunhat is also available with a cute 1950s-inspired cherry print on brown background.


The band can be worn in the back or tied in a bow to hold the hat tight on a windy day. This feature not only protects your investment, but also provides two styling options for each of the bands, making it 4 ways to wear it differently.

The other surprise was that the sunglasses came in a case that you can carry like a mini-bag. How cool is that? This feature helps to not loose your sunglasses when you take them off inside a beach mall. Did you ever loose a pair that you pushed into your hair? It easily happens when trying on tops. Been there, done that. However, what is most important, the shades provide UV400 sun protection, and 100% blockage of ultraviolet rays!


collage featuring a dress sandal look with Beneunder sunhat with floral hat band
UPF50+ knitted straw hat with floral print hat band tied to a side bow.



Price-Performance Ratio

The knit straw sunhat with UPF50+ sunhat is currently on sale for $59 online at Beneunder. When you use my discount code HIGH15 you save 15% meaning the sunhat’s cost goes down to $50.15. That’s less than 3 cocktails with tips at the poolside!

When you wear the hat on your 14 day vacation and every sunny weekend, the cost-per-wear will be most likely below a dollar at the end of summer. Recall a cost-per-wear of $1 or less is my criterion for a great price-performance ratio.

The sunglasses are available for $69, i.e. $58.65 when you use my discount code. Where can you get such a great deal for a frame that permits turning your glasses into sunglasses?

Because you can use sunglasses year round whenever there is glare, the investment gets below $1 fast, even when you use the Fuwa only as eye protection, and not need eyewear in business attire. Consequently, having a pair handy not only in your baggage for vacation, but your car, and purse protects for use means you don’t have to squint (wrinkle alert!). Plus you won’t suffer tired eyes.



Who Will Like these Products?

Every person who cares about their health will love these products as part of their selfcare regime even when they are not a fashionister or fashionista. Skin and eye protection is a Must of any healthy lifestyle.

The Beneunder collection encompasses various classic with a twist styles which allows you to pick the best sunglass frames for your face shape. Everyone, who is near-sighted, will love the optical frames of the Fuwa. You can have even high prescription lenses added. Just by  clipping-on the magnetic shades turns your glasses into sunglasses. What an easily adaptation from indoor to outdoor. The elastic temple design easily adapts to various face shapes. Here is a free app to determine your face shape if you need to.

When you live in a windy climate or have sensitive eyes you will also love Beneunder’s lightly tinted sunglasses as a great way to protect your eyes from air-borne dust and debris even on cloudy days.

Everyone who dyes their hair will love the UPF50+ sunhat because it can protect the color from fading.


Beneunder Sunglasses Review and Beneunder Sunhat Review in a Nutshell

Beneunder offers classic with a twist, quality sunglasses and UPF50+ sunhats at affordable prices to update and/or improve your vacation wardrobe. These products are not only stylish accessories, but help you to avoid harming your eyes and getting a sunburn on your scalp, respectively. Browse their collection now. Use discount code: HIGH15 for 15% off sitewide.


Photos of me: G. Kramm
Other photos: N. Mölders

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