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Halogen leather dress, Manolo Blahnik red booties, Hermes collier de chien bangle (all own) and sheer pantyhose with back seam c/o Sheertex

These pantyhose was all over Instagram with pulling and tearing. You and I wanted to know “Is this real?” In this post, I review them and pulled them like seen on social media. Reda what I found.

  1. A new generation of pantyhose
  2. What I did with my new Sheertex
  3. Price performance ratio
  4. The main points in a nutshell
  5. Who would love this product?
  6. The main points in a nutshell
  7. Top of the World Style linkup party


Disclosure: The pantyhose is a sample from Sheertex. The post is not endorsed by them. I wrote it entirely myself and it represents my own 100% honest opinion. This post has affiliate links.

Sheertex special discount code for $10 off for my readers: LATITUDE10.


A New Generation of Pantyhose

I love wearing pantyhose because they cover midlife flaws and give my snow-white Alaska legs some great looking tan. Recently, you may have seen some ads on Instagram where women pulled their pantyhose too the extremes and the pantyhose took it like nothing happened. They didn’t break. Thus, when I was contacted by Sheertex, the brand that produces these extremely durable sheers, I had to try their product myself. They would be a great solution for my problem of runners from tearing during dancing. They would also make it unnecessary to have an extra pair in my purse, just in case. Also, I was curious whether it’s for real. Ok, that’s the scientist in me. 😉 I choose the back-seam black sheers because they are sexy and nice for dancing the Argentine Tango.


stylist pulling her Sheertex tights like often seen on Instagram
Photo of me pulling the pantyhose with back-seam like you always see it on Instagram.



What I Did with My New Sheertex Pantyhose

After opening the package, I was like “wow they look the same as what I used to wear.” I don’t know what I expected. I touched them and carefully started pulling them. They just bunched pack to shape. They felt somehow stronger, not so whimsical than what I was used too. I was like “this Sheertex pantyhose is a perfect solution for dancing.” There was also a fabric sample and I couldn’t help but doing all kinds of weird pulling and stretching with it. If I had done that with a piece of what I wore before, it would be totally wrecked by now. But that sample fabric still looks like I hadn’t done anything.

When you are a regular reader you know that hubby and I are passionate ballroom dancer. Especially, when dancing the Argentine Tango or swing the tights experience a lot of tear and pulling. I wore them to dance practice. My hubby said “do you really want to wear this genuine pair to practice?” And I was right with my confidence in them. They can keep up with anything you throw at them. They looked like nothing had happened after a full training program in 3-inch (7.5 cm) heels and rehearsal gear. My husband was really impressed and said “You can really live in them.”

I also wore them at work a couple of times and got lots of compliments from my female colleagues all the time. When pulling them, the reaction was always something like “Wow that’s like in the ad on Instagram. They are really resilient.”

You + our sheers = a match made in heaven. #lifeinsheertex Click To Tweet
over 50 years old blogger in Sheertex pantyhose
Sheertex front view to show fit
mature woman doing Sheertex pantyhose with back seam
Back view of pantyhose c/o Sheertex. I love the nice lace band



Price Performance Ratio – Sheertex Tights Are Worth It

Since I have worn them so far only a couple of times, I can’t tell (yet) how long they really last or whether they are really unbreakable. This means I also can’t assess whether one gets more than 58 wears out of them. Recall my criterion for an excellent price performance ratio is that the cost-per-wear over the tenure of an item in my wardrobe goes below $1.

But I can tell you already that this pair already exceeded the average “lifetime” or “number of wears” twice that I typically get out of my pantyhose. Especially, the ones I wore when out dancing or during training. Full confession, in the past, I had to toss four to six regular pairs of hosiery each month.

Based on these facts and the typical cost-per-wear I had before, it is cheaper for me to pay the upfront higher price of the Sheertex. Given my high consumption in the past, the cost-per-wear of my new “unbreakables” is already below what I used to paid for just one pair in the past.

They have a discount code for new customers: LATITUDE10 for $10 off your first purchase with Sheertex.

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stylish black leather dress, red booties, sheer Sheertex pantyhose with back seam t in
Back view of outfit with Sheertex pantyhose
Nicole of High Latitude Style in Sheertex pantyhose, LBD, red heels, statement necklace and earrings
Halogen leather dress, Manolo Blahnik booties, Hermes collier de chien bangle, florit and quartz beads necklace, tourmaline earrings (all own) and sheer pantyhose with back seam c/o Sheertex



Who Would Love this Product?

Of course, all dancing ladies. Every woman who has to wear legwear at work will love them too. This unbreakable pantyhose takes the stress and fear of runners from your mind (and frees up the space where they store their spare). Confidence was never so easy!

These sheers may be also great for female flight attendants. Just think about how often unexpected clear air turbulence hits a plane. When it happens while they are working in the aisle, they may be thrown against the seats, chart, bags or other stuff that might harm normal leg wear. Do I have to mention all professionals including stay-at-home moms who deal with kids running around all time?

Last but not least all women, who want to slow fashion down, care about environmental pollution and/or want to reduce the waste from clothing. Longer duration namely means less emissions from production and transport because women will not have to replace them on a weekly basis.

I definitely can recommend this product to my friend and I will buy some other colors and styles. You can buy the unbreakable sheers online at Sheertex.


Sheertex black pantyhose with leather skirt, red shoes
Halogen leather dress, moon stone ring, Manolo Blahnik booties (all own) and black sheer pantyhose c/o Sheertex



The Main Points in a Nutshell

Sheertex offers a new generation of chic, unbreakable pantyhose. While up front, they have a comparatively high price tag, their extremely high strength and resilience means that you get a modern pair of sheers with a comparatively lower cost-per-wear in the end that you can wear with confidence. Test them for yourself, browse their genuine diverse collection now.

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  1. That is very impressive! In our climate (Las Vegas), I no longer wear them, but if I needed pantyhose on a regular basis, I’d definitely give them a look.

    My Bijou Life Online

  2. Anna Shirley

    Those tights look so lovely with the back seam. Thank you that you tested for us. And with dancing, you put them to the hard test. I’m glad that you approve. I ripped off so many tights. I’m living happily thighs-free for nearly six years due to the hot weather here in Singapore, but when I back home in Europe, I’ll need them again.

    Glam Adventure

  3. I always love tights in winter and these sound great. Thanks for sharing with us! Happy weekend XO

    Shauna of Lipgloss and Lace

  4. Jodie

    It’s about time they came up with a product like this.My mom wears hose all year long…I’ll have to tell her about these.

  5. I love that you figured out what your cost per wear is. I talk about my cost per wear but I never put a $ amount on it. So smart Nicole. These panty hose sound great!

  6. Hi Nicole,
    Wow, you look great in the all black outfit with the pop of red in those fabulous booties! The tights sound very good. I love pairs that dont rip after wearing for a few times. They look great, I like the seam style you are wearing.
    jess xx
    thanks for the feature!

  7. I need to check these out. I get so frustrated when pantyhose snags or tears after only one wear! I remember selling pantyhose when I worked at Walgreens in h.s. and we had all these 99 cent pantyhose packets in the front wall of the store and trust me, they weren’t the best hose! I love the pinstripe on the back of the pair you are styling.


  8. What a great review, Nicole! I love the sexy back seam on yours and the lace waistband. I just wore my Sheertex for the first time today and will be reviewing them on my blog tomorrow. I really love the fit and feel of them. However, I think I should have sized down. They feel like they should fit a little snugger. What was your experience with sizing?


  9. mireilleftm

    Looks like these might stand the test of time!

  10. stinedurfdl

    I’m not a fan of tights in general because they are just so uncomfortable however they are a necessary evil in the winter. That’s awesome that these seem to be so durable because typically you’re lucky to get a few wears out of a pair of tights before they are destroyed!