Review of Addicted Brands Ed Hardy sunglasses

#fashionover50 woman in work attire with Ed Hardy eye protection c/o Addicted Brands

Summer means you need sunglasses

In Interior Alaska, you need sunglasses from once the Sun comes back in February to end October or so. In late and early winter, the low Sun reflects on the snow. It’s impossible to drive without sun protection on icy roads. In summer, the Sun is up 24/7. Thus, sunglasses are always in my purse.

Even when in some areas of the country, it doesn’t feel like it yet, summer with lots of sunshine is just around the corner. This means also for you, time to get your eye protection out for the great outdoors. And may be time for adding a new pair to your own collection.

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#coolglasses view thru black lenses on dog musher mushing her team
View thru gray to black lenses c/o Addicted Brands on a dog musher mushing her team in Interior Alaska

Addicted Brands launches Ed Hardy Eyewear

When I read that Addicted Brands, a style-conscious eyewear brand, launches Ed Hardy Eyewear this spring, I immediately wanted to review a pair. Addicted Brands is known to provide style-savvy fashionistas and fashionisters with a great selection of sun and optical eyewear. This addition takes their line even further.

#accessories close-up on sunglasses
Close-up on the Ed Hardy sunglasses c/o Addicted Brands

Addicted Brands offers a huge selection

At Addicted Brands, you can choose from 50 different styles of eyewear and 260 styles of sunglasses in all kind of colors. Their collection offer timeless and fashion forward designs. Believe me, picking just one pair from their collection will be the hardest.

This new sunglasses collection, which is designed from handmade acetate, includes women’s, men’s, and unisex models. What I like about their eyewear is that you get designer models for just $120.00.

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#fashionover50 blogger looking trendy with specs in her hair, trench coat, shirt dress office look
Protection specs c/o Addicted Brands put stylishly into the hair with own self-sewn shirt dress, panther statement belt (gift from my husband), Cami silver leather trench coat, work tote, and Covington ankle straps dress shoes

They have everything you can think of from round, over aviator, retro square, cat-eye, sport, steampunk, you name it. No matter what your face shape is, you will find your perfect pair that makes you to look your best. It’s fashion paradise. With these pieces it’s easy to

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I picked the Steger, which looks like a merger of the large lenses of the 80s with the cool cat-eye design of the 50s. Large specs cover all the sensitive skin around the eyes.  <3 Thus, you not only protect your eyes from harmful sun rays, but also protect your skin from pre-mature aging. Extra-benefit, you can skip the eye makeup when you commit to keeping your sunnies on. 😉

#accessories portrait of woman with summer eye-wear
Zoom-in on the black pair of summer eye-wear c/o Brand Addicted

Great stylish timeless designs

When I opened the package after work in the evening, I was impressed by the great craftsmanship and look of the sunglasses. I couldn’t wait to wear the first pair the next morning. The Steger doesn’t only look fashionable, but also is really nice when driving. As you see in the photos, they have different tints. Both colors keep all the reflections and glare of the snow and icy roads out of my eyes.

I also really like how easy these glasses are to style. Their timeless design with a modern twist works well for all kind of situations where sunglasses are in order.

#accessories cool pink and green lenses in timeless frame
Pink-green lenses with fashionably exaggerated timeless cat-eye frame c/o Addicted Brands

Ed Hardy sunglasses are also perfect for work

These sunglasses are a perfect fit for everyone who wants timeless sunglasses with a modern twist. They are great for any professionals who have to wear sunglasses when meeting customers outside. The design is timeless, but modern, i.e. it conveys the message that you are down to Earth, but know what’s up-to-date and what you are doing. In other words, they work well with a classic and business as well as casual work dress code. Clients like proved concepts that are state-of-the-art. This statement also applies to the Ed Hardy sunglasses.

#accessories two pairs of Ed Hardy Steger sunglasses #AddictedBrands
View on two pairs of Ed Hardy Steger sunglasses c/o Addicted Brands. Lenses are available in a variety of shades and colors

These Addicted Brand Ed Hardy sunnies are a must-have

I really love my two pairs and how they up my look. I also love how they improve the vision when wearing them. I wore my two pairs on the commute to work last week as well as when removing ice off our driveway this weekend. Of course, only one pair at a time. 😉 My eyes weren’t tired in the evening from the reflected sun light. I definitively would recommend these Addicted Brands eye-wear to my colleagues, friends and family.

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#styleover50 Woman in weekend look with #AddicedBrands protective eye-wear
Portrait with Ed Hardy designer eye-wear c/o Addicted Brands

Excellent price-performance-ratio

Of course, great design and timeless design have their price. Thus, I was positively surprised about the price tag of just $120! I also love that all designs of the frame and types of lenses have the same price. No compromise needed when on a budget. If I had had to pay for them, I would be very happy with my purchase. They are worth their price.

#advancedstyle Ed Hardy Addicted Brands sunglasses with weekend look
Pink-green specs c/o Addicted Brands styles with own self-sewn shirt dress, statement belt, Puma socks, Covington ankle strap dress shoes, Hermes collier de chien bangle, and hand-painted silk scarf c/o Uno Alla Volta

When you wear them daily, you will be below a dollar per wear before fall. That’s an excellent price-performance ratio. This means the cost-per-wear is much less than a latte a day!

You can get your own pair at Addicted Brands.

#accessories zoom-in on the color transition from pink to green
Zoom-in on the Ed Hardy designed sunnies c/o Addicted Brands to show the nice color transition from pink to green.

In a nutshell

Ed Hardy sunnies not only protect your sight, but also up your style. Wellness and confidence in one piece. Who doesn’t love that? Extra benefit: Since their design is timeless with a modern twist, they are easy to style. Perfect for work, weekend and vacation. Plus, the designer look is very affordable even when you are on a fashion budget.

Be the first among your friends and colleagues who has them. Get your own pair now.

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Disclosure: These sunglasses are samples given to me on behalf of Addicted Brands. They have not endorsed this post. I wrote it entirely myself and it represents my own 100% honest opinion.

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