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Celeste c/o Eagle Eyes with skirt c/o LilySilk, studs c/o Wendy Mignot, own Sak bag, pantyhose, Gloria VanDerBilt open-toe pumps, Burberry coat, Brooks Borthers knit top, bead necklace

This review of Eagle Eyes sunglasses addresses how polarized TriLenium lenses work, the design of the frames, quality and price-performance ratio. Read to decide whether they are right for you.

  1. Eagle Eyes for the Bat
  2. How Do Polarized TriLenium Lenses Work?
  3. Green Is a Big Trend in Sunglass Frames
  4. Cleaner, Cleaning Cloths, Screwdriver
  5. Price-Performance Ratio
  6. Who Will Love this Product?
  7. Review of Eagle Eyes Sunglasses in a Nutshell


Disclosure: Ad. The Celeste and Bianca are samples of my choice from Eagle Eyes. The post is not endorsed by them. I wrote it entirely myself and it represents my own 100% honest opinion.


Eagle Eyes for the Bat

Jackie Onassis had a basket of sunglasses right at the door in the 70s. Thus, when she went outside, she picked a pair. As a kid, I adored her style and her sunglasses. However, as a kid I never had a pair. When I was 14, I bought my first pair. Guess what? Huge frame and glasses like Jackie’s. Actually, they were too large for my face. Since I was blind as bat, I wore glasses and I wanted to hide them under the sunnies.

What a relieve when I got my first pair of contact lenses! I finally could wear any style. That was the start of my collection of sunglasses. You can imagine that I couldn’t resist when Eagle Eyes asked me to review two pairs of my choice from their collection of women’s sunglasses.


How Do Polarized TriLenium Lenses Work?

All shades of the collection have TriLenium Lens Technology. The Sun’s ray come at various wavelength. When you see a rain bow, you can some of the different wavelengths. The raindrops split the light into its wavelengths. Ultra violet has the shortest wavelengths. Next come violet, blue violet, blue, blue green, green, green yellow, yellow, orange yellow, orange, orange red, red, dark red, and infra-red.

You can’t see the ultra-violet (UV) rays. But these rays of very short wavelength are the ones that harm our vision. You can’t see infra-red (IR) either. It has very long wavelengths.


blogger in California Casual style with denim jacket, midi skirt, wood sandals, hobo bag, astronaut sunglasses
Bianca eyewear c/o Eagle Eyes, studs c/o Wendy Mignot, Mousse & Cloud wood sandals c/o Coolway, midi skirt c/o Fashom, top c/o Chicos, own Hermes collier de chien bangle, Eclipse watch bracelet, statement necklace, and DIY bag


The TriLenium technology blocks 99.9% of the UV and harmful blue and violet radiation thanks to its triple polarization (UVA/UVB/blue light). As a result, only the light from the green to red range of the spectrum that are important for your vision, will reach your eyeballs. Consequently, you can see the world around you more vividly with higher contrast and sharper definition than you would with non-polarized eyewear that just darkens the incoming sunlight. More on harmful Sun light.


Green Is a Big Trend in Sunglass Frames

Green is new trend. I never had a pair in green. Since I moved to Alaska I really have a thing for green. So I chose the Celeste and Bianca that both feature this color. The Celeste is also available in peach or lilac tortoise. Both the Celeste and Bianca come with gradient lenses that are smudge-proof, waterproof and scratch resistant.


over 50 years old fashion blogger featuring the Eagle Eyes Celeste
Celeste c/o Eagle Eyes in green, pearl studs c/o Wendy Mignot with own Burberry trench coat, Brooks Brothers sweater, bead necklace


mature woman with shades in tortoise black green frame
Zoom-in on Celeste frame


mature blogger with braided hair, trench, eyewear
Sideview of the Celeste



I picked the Bianca because this frame is the perfect for outfits for running errands around town. The Celeste looks cute, but sophisticated, nerdy, i.e., it’s so me.

Tortoise frames in green, peach, lilac are a Do. #trendalert #EagleEyes Click To Tweet


Nicole featuring the Bianca frame with high performance lenses
Zoom-in on the Bianca to show details


midlife woman donning the Bianca shades
Side view of the Bianca frame


style blogger Nicole donning Eagle Eyes women sunglasses
Bianca sunnies c/o Eagle Eyes with own Fossil denim jacket, Hermes collier de chain bangle, statement necklace, Eclipse watch bracelet (all own), top c/o Chicos, skirt c/o Fashom



Cleaner, Cleaning Cloths, Screw-Driver

The eyewear comes with a cleanser in a little pump-spray can, a cleaning cloths, and a screwdriver. I really love the screwdriver. How often does one have a frame that has a screw loose? It just happens from the daily wear-and-tear. Now this little tool saves me the trips to the optician’s shop. What a time saver! And you even can attach the screwdriver to your key chain. Thus, you have it handy “wherever you go”. I think that from a movie. Sabrina, if I recall it right. Anyhow, back to the subject.


sunglasses with cleaning and maintenance accessories
From top clockwise: Classic aviator SM, press button container for cleanser pump-spray can, screwdriver and cleaning cloths, cleaning cloths, screwdriver with loop for attachment on key chain and Bianca


Price-Performance Ratio

Both pairs are $149. That’s a bargain for high technology polarized eye-protection. It’s also a bargain given how super stylish the designs are. The price tags of their collection are in the ballpark I usually spend these days on the pieces that I add to my collection.


midlife blogger in clog sandals, button-down skirt, top, white denim jacket, sunglasses
Bianca c/o Eagle Eyes, top c/o Chicos, skirt c/o Fashom, Mousse & Cloud sandals c/o Coolway, own DIY bag, Fossil denim jacket, statement necklace, Hermes collier de chien bangle, Eclipse watch bracelet



There is free standard shipping within the Lower 48s for orders over $55, otherwise it’s $5.95. Standard shipping is not available for Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands and Guam 🙁 . But I guess we, who live in these places, are used to that. The USPS can’t drive their trucks to Guam, for instance. 😉 For my international readers there is also international shipping. Check the rates.

They currently have a sale with up to 60% off on selected styles.


Who Will Love this Product?

The Eagle Eyes sunglasses with TriLenium lenses are a perfect fit for every stylish woman who is also conscious about her globular health. These shades work year round. Think ski vacation, walking the dog on a nice Indian summer afternoon, at the beach, on a cruise, on your way to work on a sunny day, … . The classic designs with a trendy twist work with any style. This means you can find a pair for any occasion. Even when you need a pair for the upcoming afternoon wedding of your kid, niece, nephew, grandkid, … in the park of a villa in Tuscany.

I definitively can recommend the sunnies to my best friends, i.e., my readers. You can buy them online at Eagle Eyes.


over 50 years old woman in sweater, skirt, pumps, trench with satchel and sun wear
Brooks Brothers knit sweater, Burberry trench coat, Sak satchel, pantyhose, Gloria VanderBilt pumps, skirt c/o LilySilk, studs c/o Wendy Mignot, sun-wear c/o Eagle Eyes



Eagle Eyes Sunglasses Review in a Nutshell

Eagle Eyes sunglasses have space certified polarized lenses that filter out 99.9% of the harmful UVA and UVB rays as well as blue light to protect your eye health, while allowing the vision-enhancing green, yellow, orange and red light to travel thru for a clarity view. These eye-protecting shades come at an affordable price in a large variety of frames for every taste and occasion. Browse their collection now to protect your vision year round whenever the light is bright.

Triple polarized lenses are so affordable and stylish that there is no reason to harm your sight and become blind like a bat. #sunglasses #EagleEyes Click To Tweet


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