You can wear this comfortable easy weekend look

style book author Nicole Mölders in all black comfy weekend look in pants, top, slides

Questioning old-fashioned fashion rules

When I was a kid, my Mom had a lot of fashion rules we had to follow. Growing up in Germany, there was no such rule like no white before Memorial day and no white after Labor Day. However, wearing white was reserved for summer and brides; and, you wouldn’t head-to-toe white unless you were the bride.

Another set of the dressing rules was not to wear black-on-black. Black was also not for kids unless they are nearly platinum blonde. The color was also not for summer. Wearing black was reserved for winter, nuns, widows, old women, fuernals, as LBD for parties and as classic, timeless evening gown.

No sense is nonsense

I never understood these rules for who, when, where and how to wear black because they failed to be logic in the great picture. In other words, they were inconsistent and would leave loose ends in terms of what to wear. They just made no sense. And here is why:

  1. Why should a color be age-dependent? It’s just a color and just a choice of the person wearing it, or not.
  2. Which color looks great on someone is not alone defined by the hair color. Yes, there is a big contrast between platinium blonde and black, but most likely someone with this light blonde hair color has a fair skin and looks washed out wearing black. On the contrary, someone with a skin of olive undertone and/or dark hair  and dark eyes (like me) more likely looks great in black clothing.
  3. When wearing black-on-black is a no-no,
    • how can the widow be supposed to wear all black?
    • why are you supposed to wear all black to a fuernal?
  4. When black is not for summer,
    • what are the widow and nun supposed to wear during that season? Do they have to stay inside and not wear anything?
    • would people have to wait for winter for the fuernal? Note that in Alaska, in former times, fuernals were often postponed to summer because of the frozen ground and low temperatures that forbid digging.
  5. How can black be reserved for grieving (widow, fuernal) and fun (party, evening entertainment, celebration) at the same time?
  6. Why is a monochromatic outfit in red, green, blue, beige, … chic, while creating a posh monochromatic look is a no-no in black?

Breaking the old rules

Recall: These fashion rules aren’t laws. When these rules make no sense, so why not break them? Why not make new rules that make more sense? Or just try out what happens when you do not follow them.

In this case, breaking the rules not to wear black-on-black and not to wear black in summer turned out to get a chic comfortable and easy weekend look.

Be courageous! Try something new every day! It’s just fashion. When you don’t like how the look turns out, just go back to one of your instant chic outfits.

over 50 years old fashion blogger in all black summer outfit with cropped pants and drapped top

Style blogger in black ankle length trousers with buttom detail top and yellow bag

blogger Nicole in casual weekend look with cropped pants, drapped buttom embellished top, slides and sunflower yellow bag
Silver loop snake statement belt, Longchamp pilage cuire, Hermes collier de chien bangle, citrin and carved bone necklace (all own), cropped pants c/o White House | Black Market, Ed Hardy sunglasses c/o Brand Addicted, Matisse embroidery slides and drapped front top with button embellishment on the side c/o Soft Surroundings

Like the outfit? If so, please feel free to pin them to your own Pinterest board.

Do you follow fashion rules you were tought as a kid? Which rules do you break? What great things happend when you broke them? Let me know, I am curious.

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8 thoughts on “You can wear this comfortable easy weekend look

  1. Love the black on black! I try to wear what I like and not be affected by rules.

  2. Aww, thank you for the feature, Nicole—I’m flattered! I’m loving your all-black look with the bright pops of color. That yellow tote is gorgeous!
    Cheryl Shops

  3. Growing up in an island from the Caribbean, we had the same rules but when I became a teenager I was always dressed in black ( I mean black outfit, back lipstick, black eyeline…) and my family often asked why do I need to break the rules to feel special. Becoming an adult, although I made my own opinion on how and where to wear black I thought that black was not for children until I got my new born and that Carter’s came out with that perfect black and white and gold collection for girls of all ages – lol.

  4. I’m glad everyone is breaking these traditional fashion rules. I love black on black and even white on white, esp with a fun colorful kimono or bag (like you have!) paired with it.


  5. I’m all about breaking fashion rules if it works for you and this is such a great monochrome look! I love your mules! Thank you for the linkup!


  6. You are stunning in all black with the top of a little pattern on your shoes. Love this look on you!

  7. Nicole, what a pleasant surprise this morning to see myself featured. Thank you so much! You totally just made my morning! And I am loving your black on black look especially with the bright yellow bag and those fabulous shoes! So gorgeous. I agree with you completely….silly rules are meant to be broken! Great post.


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