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Rebecca Collins belt, DIY brooch, Festina watch, Hermes collier de chien bangle, Taylor's Gold'n Stone ice cube quartz earrings, upcycled tall boots (all own), tulle skirt c/o Lookbook Store and knit dress c/o Femme Luxe

You bought a cozy knit dress. It’s super comfy, but boring to wear it the same one way. This post empowers you to switch things up with three different ideas to wear your comfy knit dress.

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  1. How to get the more wear out of a knitdress
    • Wear it as a long, oversize sweater
    • Style it as a maxi dress
    • Give the illusion of a mixed fabrics attire
    • Other ideas to wear a sweater dress
  2. Wrapping up

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How to get the more wear out of a knitdress

Today’s post belongs to the series on how to get more wear from your wardrobe. It addresses how to wear a knit dress multiple ways. To get their price worth of wear from any wardrobe additions, think about which new outfits the “potential” piece will bring to your wardrobe.

In the case of dresses, think of them as a potential top or bottom. It’s so yesterdecade to wear your dress just one way and only as a dress. In this post, I use my new knitdress (see the link for a review), to illustrate the concept for you and hopefully inspire you to embrace the idea.

Who does want to repeat the same look again and again?

Here is how to switch thinks up with a knitdress. You can find a comprehensive guide on wearing knit dresses at the link.

Wear it as a long, oversize sweater

The following LOTD shows an example of styling the knit sweaterdress as an oversized long sweater over a mesh dress and leggings. Any seethru skirt or dress may work. Just make sure the leggings pick up the color of the see-thru piece to not look shorter than you actually are. Add a belt that works for your body type for shape. See the post at the link for how to best accessorize with belts.

details of labradorite and pearls belt, mesh slip, sweaterdress

style book author in casual leggings sweater pink and black look
Labradorite and pearls belt, unbranded mesh slip, GNW tights, Salamander shearling booties (all own) and sweaterdress c/o Femme Luxe

Style it as a maxi dress

The following look is inspired by the dropwaist style of last century’s Roaring Twenties. Try a tulle or lace skirt underneath your knitdress. Stay with the color theme for best results. Avoid a too large contrast.

over 50 years old fashion blogger in knit dress over tulle skirt with tall boots

stylist in tulle skirt with knitted top, knee-high boots, belt

Nicole of High Latitude Style in dropped waist skirt, top, belt, tall embelished heels boots
Outfit details: Rebecca Collins belt, DIY brooch, Festina watch, Hermes collier de chien bangle, Taylor’s Gold’n Stone ice cube quartz earrings, upcycled tall boots (all own), tulle skirt c/o Lookbook Store and knit dress c/o Femme Luxe

Give the illusion of a mixed fabrics attire

Try a slightly longer sheath under the knitdress in a matching color. Choose the color in such a way that it’s believable that they belong to the same piece. Going for a  monochromatic look is the easiest way to create the illusion of a mixed fabrics piece. Another way is to go with the same color family, one piece in a pastel version of the other like in the example below.

style book author in burgundy muted pink mixed fabrics dress look

Alaskan blogger in dress over dress outfit with tall boots, tights, scarf

fashion blogger wearing a mini dress over a sheath
Outfit details: Vince Camuto suede tall boots with golden chains, GNW tights, GNW scarf knotted in a European loop, gemstone statement necklace, Calvin Klein sheath, Hermes collier de chien bangle, DIY bangle with quartz crystal (all own) and knitdress c/o Femme Luxe


When you like the outfit, why not pinning it to your Pinterest board?

Other ideas to wear a sweater dress

Try it with skinnies, leggings or as a mini dress with opaque tights for the weekend. You can find a style guide on how to look ageless in knits in general at the link.


Stylist’s tip: Try analogous colors or color blocking.

Wrapping up

Knits are tricky to wear in midlife. How to look great in a knit dress over 40 requires good choices on all levels (see guide at the link). When you want to save money on and/or slow your fashion consumption down, buy a workhorse, Also have at least three looks in mind before handing over your credit card to the cashier or hitting the buy button.

Interested in more dressing tips? Then my style book “how to Dress for Success in Midlife” is perfect for you. Buy the book now.

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  1. I love posts like these with multiple options on how to wear one piece. You nailed it! I think that very first look is my fave with the feminine skirt with the pinkish color your top has. Have a great week!


  2. aquamarinastyle

    All great tips, Nicole. I especially like the sweater dress as a maxi with the white chiffon skirt–super cute idea!

    xx Darlene

  3. VivaciousWish

    Thankks gal for sharing the styling tips. I never tried wearing my knitdress this way. I am surely doing it now.

  4. mireilleftm

    I really like these layered looks. I wouldn’t have thought of them. I like how you tried different styles under them.

  5. shelbeeontheedge1

    What a great sweater dress, Nicole! I love the color and there are so many ways to style such a versatile piece. Well done! Also, thanks so much for the feature today! What a honor.


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