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Silk neckerchief, suede statement belt, Modalo Pippa bag, Vince Camuto suede boots (all own), tight c/o No nonsense, and gray ripped knit dress c/o AMICLUBWEAR
  1. How to wear a knit dress in frigid cold weather
  2. Avoid frost bite or “accidents”
  3. Insulation is key
  4. Welcome to the 95th Top of the World Style linkup party

How to wear a knit dress in frigid cold weather

Last week, we had a real cold snap with temperatures below 40 here in Fairbanks. Everybody wanted to have their picture taken at the temperature display. I wrote about how the traffic jam killed my OOTD photo plan in case you missed it.

The outfit in the photos of today’s post shows what I wore last week on Wednesday when it got even -49F (-45oC) at night! To stay warm I wore underwear (bra, cami, long sleeve T-shirt, slip, undies), two pairs of tights, and socks in the boots. Oh, yes, the boots have an insulation insole. It’s important to learn how to avoid cold feet at frigid temperatures.

stylist in in ribbed knit dress

fashion blogger in gray pink winter office outfit

midlife style blogger in ribbed knit sweater dress styled for work
Outfit details: Silk neckerchief, suede statement belt, Modalo Pippa bag, Vince Camuto suede boots (all own), tight c/o No nonsense, and gray ribbed knit dress c/o AMICLUBWEAR

Insulation is key

Knit wear is a great classic for layering. And when styled right, a knit dress can be even office appropriate at any age. It is just a matter of how to a knit dress. See the guide at the link for does and don’ts.

The ribs of this gray sweater dress nicely hold air. Thin air layers or air pockets are a great insulation. Together the layering of clothes and the thin air pockets of the ribbed dress provide good insulation. This insulation permitted us taking the outfit photos without me catching a cold or feeling uncomfortable. 😉

My photographer wore thermo-pants over jeans (unvisible) and a down coat over several layers of shirts. He got cold fingers holding the camera. He also tried to finish the shoots in short time. I was outside in this outfit for less than three minutes. Taking outfit photos challenging in the Arctic in the deepest of winter for various reasons. See the post at the link to find out more.

While you can create (invisible) insulation by multiple pieces of underwear (like in the LOTD), you also can maintain great style in painful, cold weather by chic layering as well.

You can find more how to look great in the bitter cold of Alaska in the January lookbook.

Avoid frost bite or “accidents”

Only my face and hands felt cold. The face and hands burned and tickled a bit the moment, I came back into the house. Well, the fingers were really numb, but not because of the frigid cold outside air, but because I made the mistake to touch the outside door knob. At 40 below, touching metals is a no-no. Your skin immediately freezes to the metal. Getting it free, of course, involves pain. 🙁

For the moms and grandmas of you. In the Interior at 40 below, your sis fear the most that their little kids or grandkids could lick the windows and get their tongues frozen to the glass.

Anyhow, can you believe that some Fairbanksans have the photo taken at 40 below wearing a bikini look?

What do you wear when a cold snap moves into town? What do you fear the most when it gets frigid cold? Let me know, I am curious.

The dress looks familiar? Yes, you have seen this awesome ribbed sweater dress before.

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