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Anne Klein polka dot scarf, Anne Klein cable knit sweater (all own) and beret c/o Tenth Streethats

This famous French hat is a big trend right now and an eternal classic. This post reviews a beret from Tenth Street Hats and provides reasons why to jump the bandwagon of the beret trend.


  1. Berets Are Back
  2. What to Love about Berets
  3. Technical Details and Price-performance Ratio of the Tenth Street Beret
  4. Who Will Love this Hat?
  5. A Tenth Street Hats’ Frenchy for the Beret Trend in a Nutshell


Disclosure: Ad. The beret is a sample of my choice from Tenth Street Hats. The post is not endorsed by them. I wrote it entirely myself and it represents my own 100% honest opinion.


Berets Are Back

I was so excited when I watched the fashion shows! On the runways, mannequins wore berets! This warm, stylish is my favorite winter style ever since I was in 4th grade. Back then I had picked a burned orange beret with my back-to-school clothing haul. And I never looked back! When you are a regular reader, you know that I have a small collection of this famous French hat. Nevertheless, when I saw this red beret at Tenth Street Hats, I had to add it! It’s the perfect pop of color to every winter outfit! A statement piece! A head turner!

Perfect to up the mood and get out of the winter outerwear boredom!

Often runway trends fail to get mainstream. However, the beret took the sidewalks and even the hearts of celebrities like Rihanna or Taylor Swift in like no time. It is a trend to pick up without any risk of looking like trying to hard or like not trying at all. Why? Because this head gear is an eternal classic!

A beret in a neutral color is a risk-free trend.


influencer in orange skirt, red sweater and head topper, black scarf, boots and tights
Eclectic Style outfit details: Max Mara Weekend orange skirt, Brooks Brothers cashmere V-neck sweater, Halftee layering top, Oscar de la Renta floral print scarf, Hipstik semi-opaque tights, unbranded dance boots and citrine moonstone necklace, sunglasses c/o Sungait and beret c/o Tenth Street Hats



What to Love about Berets

This head hedging cap brings France’s chic to any look, the moment you pull it on. It keeps the head warm in winter. Its snug fit gives the wind no chance to blow the hat off. A beret also protects your hair from getting wet, if it’s made from high quality pure wool like this red beauty. Wool namely is very water repellent.

A beret is easy to pack. Recall my first beret mentioned above? I wore it to school day-in-day-out, over and over, no matter whether the weather asked for a head protection. Unlike American schools, where students have a locker, in German schools, everything had to be placed on the hooks in the hallway. One day, some bullies took my burned orange beret to play frisbee in the school’s hallway. Oh my gosh! I was furious! At that time, wearing a hat in class wasn’t allowed. Neither was taking your outerwear into the classroom. Ever since that event, I folded my beret, put it in a small plastic freezer bag and placed it between the books in my satchel. The boys couldn’t get it anymore.

Berets are easy to pack for travel!

Back then I loved the hat because it looked great with my short hair and boyish body. At that time, I had no clue about gamine style or enviable “Je n’sais pas quoi” of French Women’s Style.


fashion influencer in shearling coat, booties, leopard print ights, red matching gloves, bag and headgear
Vittoria shearling coat, GNW leopard print tights, Fendi booties, Celine tote, LeatherCoatsEtc gloves, Alaskan jade earrings and red beret c/o Tenth Street Hats



Technical Details and Price-performance Ratio of the Tenth Street Hats Beret

The company offered the classic black Pittsburgh since years for $89. Recently, they added the Frenchy wool beret to their collections. It’s a one-size-fits most made of virgin wool. You can easily adjust it to your hat by soaking it in water and then letting it air-dry on your head. It will take the form of your head and fit like a glove. Of course, you can skip that step when you are not keen on the individual made-for-you fit.

The Scala Frenchy comes in ten different colors. Thus, every fashionista will find one or more that go(es) with her outerwear. The craftsmanship is excellent as all their pieces. At only $35, the Frenchy is very affordable. The cost-per-wear goes under a dollar fast, even when you live in a region with mild winters like California or Florida. In cold climate regions, even when you buy three! There is free shipping on orders over $99!

Did you know? Tenth Street Hats stand by the quality of their merchandise. They replace your damaged hat for free within the first year!



over 50 years old stylist in skirt, sweater, scarf, hat, tights tall boots
French Chic outfit details: Anne Klein polka dot scarf, Banana Republic straight hounds tooth skirt, Anne Klein cable knit merino wool cashmere sweater, Hipstik tights, Rebecca Collins gemstone necklace,  Hermes collier de chien leather band and bangle with red wool beret c/o Tenth Street Hats


Who Will Love this Hat?

It is a key element of gamine, Euro Chic or Classic Style. Thus, it should be in the wardrobe of everyone with these personal styles. A beret also works with Romantic Style gingham dresses, and fit-and-fare dresses. Even Rock’N Roll style. Just think Rihanna in her combat boots, white shorts, oversize graphic T-shirt and red beret!

The Frenchy is the headgear for women with curls. It avoids a hat-head.


The Frenchy is also a perfect fit for everyone who travels a lot and needs a hat. It fits easily in your carry-on baggage or the overhead bin. And yes, the beret trend fits a business casual style work dress code when you meet with clients outside.

Wearing a beret during winter-to-spring transition is a Do. The famous French hat is a perennial trend. It never goes out of style. Do you need proof? Remember Meghan Markle in her winter-white outfit with a matching winter-white beret! It was all over Instagram! When even the wife of a British Prince wears this famous French evergreen, it means berets are a Must-have for every sophisticated wardrobe.

Since it’s a trend right now, the choice of colors is large. At Tenth Street Hats, for instance, you have the choice between black, camel, charcoal, light blue, light gray, navy pink, plum, white and red. I can really recommend the Frenchy to all my friends and readers. I definitely would buy this red beauty from them at the full price. It’s worth it!

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gamine style blogger in a bistro
Zoom in on gamine look to show details of the outfit inspiration


over 50 years old fashion blogger in jeans, sweater, scarf and Tenth Street Hats Frenchy head gear
Gamine outfit details: Anne Klein cable-knit merino wool cashmere sweater, unbranded silk floral print scarf, Ruby belt, Hermes collier de chien bangle, DIY bangle with quartz, London Jean boyfriend jeans, Tayler’s Gold’n Stones raw topaz earrings, Escada denim booties and beret c/o Tenth Street Hats



Tenth Street Hats’ Frenchy for the Beret Trend in a Nutshell

The 100% wool Frenchy is very affordable and comes with a 1-year replacement warranty. It is very versatile to wear no matter of personal style or age. Browse their collection now to get your trendy evergreen wardrobe update.

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Photos of me: G. Kramm

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