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Photo of the Cate & Chloe VIP box upon arrival
Many young or busy women who don’t like shopping for clothes and/or jewelery may consider the recently popping up options for Jane Doe to have their own online stylist. This post summarizes my experience with and thoughts about an online personal stylist for a jewelry subscription box.
  1. Online Stylists or Personal Shoppers – Does It Work?
  2. Cate & Chloe Offers Two Plans
  3. Styling Tips c/o Cate & Chloe
  4. How to Style the C&C jewelry
  5. Summary and Conclusions

Disclosure: Ad. The jewelry is a sample from Cate & Chloe. The post is not endorsed by Cate and Chloe. It represents my own 100% honest opinion.


Online Stylists or Personal Shoppers – Does It Work?

Did you ever wondered whether these online stylist programs work? Well, I did. Thus, I tried it out with the Cate & Chloe VIP program. Their stylists work with the customer to find out the style and taste. Then s/he creates a monthly offering of new jewelry that you get in the mail (see photo below).


Bling Buzz classic American weekend outfit with Cate & Chloe  jewelry
Outfit details: The Limited polo shirt, Loft skirt, ericmichael suede wedges, Ray Ban sunglasses (all own) with green germ pendant necklace, earrings and cuff ring c/o Cate & Chloe

Cate & Chloe Offers Two Plans

You have the choice between a prepaid long-term plan and going month-to-month with no obligations. The plans start at as low as $32/month! The content box shown here is $39.99! So it’s very affordable!

content of Cate & Chloe VIP box which comes in little gift boxes
Photo of content of May VIP c/o Cate & Chloe. The jewelry comes in pretty gift boxes with an elegant wrap paper. The May VIP box had a Mother’s Day gift as extra (in the black bag)

Cate & Chloe Asigns You Your Own Personal Stylist

As you know, my style is American Classic with a twist to street style or Rock’N Roll. All three pieces (photo below) that the stylist picked are classic. These pieces go with nearly everything in my wardrobe. This means the stylist correctly identified my major style component: Classic. The ring can be classified as going a bit in the direction of my Rock’N Roll twist, don’t you think so? All the pieces leave me the option to do my twists on the other parts of my outfit. Thumbs up!

Cate and Chloe earring, pendant necklace and adjustable ring
Earrings featuring a gold and diamond classic look and double pendant necklace featuring a jade colored stone and a brand charm and the Mother’s Day extra featuring an adjustable silver colored ring all c/o Cate & Chloe


My thoughts:
Using an online stylist can work well. #VIPBlingBuzz #CateAndChloe Click To Tweet

Styling Tips c/o Cate & Chloe

The box included a little cheat sheet with styling tips that you can pin to your inspiration board in your closet (see below).

High necklines and blouses go with collar necklaces or simple dainty jewelry. High necklaces can look high fashion – but should be complemented by keeping everything north of the border … the border basically being the center of your chest.


Plunging or scoop necklines – take the plunge and go for those ultra-long pendant necklaces! We love dressing up a simple loose round neck tee or tank with a long pendant necklace! There’s no better way to go from basic to chic!

The tip I would add, would be,

Do not wear a scoop neckline when you are as flat as a pancake (me!). 😉

How to Style the C&C Jewelry

I went for a classic inspired weekend look of a straight skirt with a polo shirt and wedges and added the new jewelry.

Another typical fashion over 40 Nicole outfit.

American classic weekend look with C&C subscription box jewelry
The Limited polo shirt with Loft skirt, eric michael suede wedges, Ray Ban sunglasses (all own) with green gemstone pendant necklace, earrings and cuff ring c/o Cate & Chloe

Summary and Conclusions

The Cate & Chloe VIP program is a working option to build a jewelry collection fitting your style needs. You do not spend time to hunt for the pieces and/or to ensure to stay within your budget. Of course, an important pre-requisite is that you convey the stylist your style and taste preferences. Note that you also can pick your pieces yourself online. It doesn’t matter whether you go the route with a stylist or DIY, you will you feel like a Star with Cate and Chloe jewelry. See the post at the link for a review on a pair of earrings that I picked myself.

P.S. When you are interested in personal stylist packed clothing boxes, you find a review of a Fashom styling box including a test of their service at the link.

Photos: G. Kramm, N. Mölders

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