The same word can have different meanings in different languages

Did you know that in German, the word Aliens refers to people from another planet? Well, probably that is why I always had to smile when I was called an Alien. I was an alien for more than 10 years. Now I am longer a citizen than I was an alien. Times flies. I can’t believe it’s so long ago when I wondered what to wear to an oath ceremony.

You are wondering what this has to do with this post? Well in my childhood movies showed aliens in silver metallic clothing like my silver leather pants.

style blogger in silver leather pants and gray sweater
Brooks Brothers turtleneck cashmere sweater, silver leather pants, Seiko watch and statement pendant necklace (all own)

What I wore today

I had to have a pair of silver leather pants when a dance friend of mine (she is in her 20s) wore silver coated very skinny jeans at a dance. I thought that not too tight silver leather pants would be my version of this outfit. After three month of thinking about it, it was clear to me that I really wanted a pair of silver leather pants, and started my search to find a pair. My intent was to wear them for dancing. However, I like them so much that I incorporated them in my daily work wardrobe for Casual Friday.

fashion bloger ine silver gray and black winter outfit
Front view of LOTD with Brooks Brothers turtleneck cashmere sweater, silver leather pants, Seiko watch and statement pendant necklace (all own)

To do so I have to style these silver pants down. In today’s post, I am wearing them with my turtleneck cashmere sweater. I added on purpose golden necklaces to add some color (if one can add color with a neutral). You can find an ultimate guide how to wear metallic at day in the post at the link.

What is the response to wearing silver leather pants? I think most people do not even notice that these are leather pants. One of my girlfriends calls them “wild”. Actually, it always is like this: “I love your pants.” Then I respond “Last time you said they are wild.” Then she says “Oh, that are these silver leather pants. With the illumination they looked like simple purple gray pants. Yes, they are wild.” Indoors they look just like gray pants with a purple undertone.

Outerwear is also an outfit requiring styling

My outer outfit was my faux fur A-line coat and a structured bag to dress the glam factor of the silver leather pants down on the commute.


silver black and gary winter style
Faux fur A-line coat over Brooks Brothers sweater, leather pants with beret style hat and LeatherCoatsEtc gloves (all own)


More on how to look great on Casual Friday without jeans.

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Photos: G. Kramm

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