What to wear with orange accessories

I am into orange accessories lately. It looks pretty good with red and a neutral and is a little bit different, edgy. The scarf ties the red and orange together as both colors occur in the pattern. This outfit is comfy for a walk on the river on a sunny 75F (23.9oC) day. More on which colores work with orange.

stylist in red sweater, cargoskirt, orange sandals with orange bag
Cargo skirt with red silk top, orange bag, Michael Kors sandals, floral scarf, and Kieselstein Cord belt and buckle (all own)


The water level of the Chena is relatively high as it rained for a couple of days. The Chena is a rain fed river in contrast to the many glacier fed rivers in Alaska. Thus, the water of the Chena is pretty clear. The foam on the river is left over from a boat that passed by. Check the link to find out what it tells you about the water quality.

Have you tried to combine red and orange? Did you like the color combination or do you think it is too loud? Let me know, I am curious.

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Photo by G. Kramm

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