#fashionover40 Mature woman in Casual Friday work outfit with full leather skirt
Oliveo full leather skirt with Great Northwest denim shirt, DIY necklace, Moda International silk cashmere cardigan knotted for shape and style, structured bag, and Aldo leopard pumps (all own)

I originally ordered this skirt for dancing. However, when it arrived I liked it so much that I decided to also work it into my everyday wardrobe.

I always think of this full leather skirt as a contradiction in itself. Leather stands for edgy, hard, and tough. Full skirts are associated with girly, playful, and sweet. To keep this tension I added leopard pumps , a denim shirt and a red cardigan that I knotted at the tails for playing up the waist. Herein the denim and leopard again stand for the tough element, while the knot and the red of the cardigan again read girly.

When I look through my posts it occurs to me that I obviously like to play the tension game with this skirt. For instance, combining black leather with innocent white in one outfit adds interest to an otherwise classic outfit. I also wore this skirt over a shift dress using the dress as a blouse which has a girly print, but a classic cut.

#fashionover50 mature woman in a casual work outfit for fall
Casual Friday work outfit with Oliveo full leather skirt, Great Northwest denim shirt, Moda International cardigan, structured bag, DIY statement necklace, and Aldo leopard print pumps (all own)

Has it happened to you too that you bought an item for some dressing situation and then extended its wear beyond that intend? What item in your closet was an unexpected addition with more options than you originally thought? Let me know, send me and email. I like to hear from you.

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Photos: G. Kramm (2013)

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