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Classic gray cashmere sweater with gray tweed skirt, DIY necklace, black sandals and logo socks for a streetstyle classic look

Logo here, logo there. In the 1980s, showing off the brand logo was a thing. Now a trend pops up that again is about showing off the brand logo. It’s called Normcore. Read what it is now, who can jump the bandwagon and how to wear the Normcore trend off.

  1. Normcore, the new It in fashion
  2. Can Women over 40 Wear Normcore?
  3. How to Wear Normcore over 40

Normcore, the new It in fashion?

Normcore stands for the so-uncool-it’s-cool look. Yes, I am talking about logomania and showing brands’ names on the clothes. I’m not talking about wearing a statement bag with a Y or MK, but having the logo full on as the decoration or print of the item. This trend got its name by New York magazine early this year.

Can Women over 40 Wear Normcore?

Well, the trend got me. I love socks that have terrycloth inside and needed new ones in black. The only pair I was able to find in Fairbanks was one with the brands logo as knitted-in décor. There is this saying in town “if you don’t get it at Fred Meyers, you won’t get it anywhere in Fairbanks.” Thus, I was not excited, but keeping the saying in mind, I crunched my teeth and just bought them despite I was looking for just plain black socks with terrycloth inside. On the other side, once there is something nice in a store, Fairbanksans buy it in all colors.

fashion blogger in all neutrals outfit with Normcore detail
Brook Brothers sweater, Eddie Bauer straight tweed skirt, DIY necklace, Hermes collier de chien bangle, Bulova watch, silver link bracelet, black sandals and Puma logo socks


At home, when putting them in the sock box, I still was grumbling that I now would always have this white flash when I cross my legs when wearing them with pants. Then I thought make it the statement and came up with this #normcore outfit.

How to Wear Normcore over 40

Why does it work? Well I created a sock sandal combo that on the first view looks like a booty. What works with booties also works with this “fake booties.” To not look like a flash back from the 90s, I kept everything simple and classic.

style book author demonstrating how to wear the Normcore trend with socks, denim skirt and sweater
Great Northwest denim jacket knotted around the waist with classic gray Brook Brothers cashmere sweater and Eddie Bauer tweed skirt, Hermes collier de chien bangle, DIY necklace, black sandals and logo Puma socks instead of booties (all own)


If you had told my 20 years old me that one day I would wear socks in sandals on purpose, I would have said “not over my dead body.”

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stylist showing how to wear the normcore trend with a leather coat
Burned red boxy leather coat with white and gray printed silk scarf, Pippa Modalo bag, black sandals, and logo socks (all own)


Do you like the Normcore trend? Have you tried it? How do you style it? Let me know, I am curious.

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Photos: G. Kramm

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