My first over-the-knee boots

Ever since Julia Roberts wore over-the-knee boots in Pretty Woman, I loved them. My girlfriends and I bought our first pairs right after we saw the movie the first time. We all went for a flat pair as we sort of associated the stiletto heel too much with Vivian’s job on screen. My friend Katherine invested in two pairs, one in silver for going out, and one in brown. I went for a patent leather black as I could dress it up for going out and down with jeans. My other friend got them in red. She always loved to wear loud colors all over her outfit.

You are never too old for a great pair over-the-knee boots in winter

Of course, these over-the-knee boots moved out of my closet long time ago during one of my biennual closet overhauls. For years, I thought I am too old for over-the-knee boots and it would not be age appropriate. Well, I changed my mind about both, being too old and the term age-appropriate. The latter term namely seems that society dictated woman what too wear, while I have come to the point that I want to wear what looks great on me. The former is sort of opposite to being too young for something when I was a kid. I hated it back than. Thus, why should I accept too old now? When you struggle with these two problems “thinking you are too old for OTK boots” or “OTK boots aren’t age appropriate” you can solve the problem by promising yourself to wear what you want. One of the secrets to style OTK boots over 40 is to pair them with classics like shown in the example outfits of this post.

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style book author over 50 with over-the-knee boots styled for the office

over 50 years old fashion blogger with knee-length tweed skirt, denim jacket sweater, shirt and OTK boots over-the-knee boots
Details of the look: Great Northwest denim jacket, Oliveo button-down shirt, cat pendant necklace, Brooks Brothers cashmere sweater, Hermes collier de chien bangle, Ann Taylor floral tweed skirt, Dior OTK boots, Arm party: Golden bangle gift from my late mother, enamel bangle gift from my girl friend, Hermes enamel lion bangle, and Tissot stone watch (all own).

Search for a great pair of over-the-knee boots that are serious

I found these beauties on eBay and I had to have them. The suede leather, leather details, and sturdy heals make them elegant, and these details clearly veer them out of Pretty Woman’s territory. These over-the-knee boots are far from the pair Vivian and we wore  when the movie hit the theaters. They are made for us 40+ women and make us looking Young and Hip without looking like trying too hard.

Search for a great pair of over-the-knee boots that are the highest quality you can afford. #midlifechic #OTKboots Click To Tweet

Thus, in conclusion: Yes, at 40+, you still can wear over-the-knee boots when you go for high quality materials plus classic details like sturdy, medium high heels, seems, not too round not too spiky toe box, and European classic boot colors (brown, tan), and keep your outfit moderate casual or moderate classic, and go for sophisticated accessories.

accessories Arm party
Arm party: Golden bangle gift from my late mother, enamel bangle gift from my girl friend, Hermes enamel lion bangle, and Tissot stone watch (all own)

How I styled my OTK boots

In today’s post, I paired my over-the-knee boots with my floral tweet skirt, denim jacket, cashmere sweater and a chambray shirt. When creating this look I used the skirt as the link between the OTK boots and the denim blue.

OTK boots styled with outerwear

The long coat does not give away at all that I am wearing over-the-knee boots. But that’s not the reason why I added the coat. It was just a pretty cold day in Interior Alaska and I wanted as much insulation as possible to stay comfortable, while maintaining style in painful, cold weather. I expected to wait for the bus for a couple of minutes.

To look stylish when bundled up, I added colors with a cashmere scarf a colleague brought me as a gift from a family visit in China. The hat is a vintage find I made a couple of years ago in a consignment store in Fairbanks.

#fashionover50 mature woman looking posh chic in winter outfit with over-the-knee boots
Dior over-the-knee boots with geometric print coat (consignment find), hat (thrifted), geometric print cashmere scarf (gift from colleague), YSL bag, and matching LeatherCoatsEtc suede gloves (all own)

Find more sophisticated looks with over-the-knee boots

Not convinced yet? Or are you looking for futher inspiration how to style over-the-knee boots over 40? Here is another example outfit with OTK-boots paired with pink and brown for a work outfit.

Do you like over-the-knee boots? Do you have a pair of your own? How do you style them? Let me know, I am curious.

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Photos: G. Kramm

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