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London Jean sequin blazer, London Jean boyfriends, silver belt, Ralph Lauren snake imprint pointy toe silver pumps, Oliveo button-down chambray shirt (allown), blue fish clutch c/o Bellorita, and necklace c/o Messages in Metal

Personalized jewelry is always a great gift. In this post, I review the customization options of Messages in Metal. Read what I think about their offers.

    1. Customized Jewelry Makes a Great Gift
    2. Your Customization Options Are Seemingly Endless
    3. Messages in Metal Realized My Customization Idea
    4. You Can Create a Perfect Gift for a Special Person with Messages in Metal
    5. A Problem Solved
    6. Other Styling Ideas
    7. High Quality Customized Jewelry at an Affordable Price
    8. Who Would Love this Product
    9. Messages in Metal in a Nutshell


Disclosure: Ad. The name necklace is a sample of my design from Messages in Metal. The post is not endorsed by them. I wrote it entirely myself and it represents my own 100% honest opinion.


Customized Jewelry Makes a Great Gift

A couple of weeks ago I had a coffee at the College Mall. On the table next to me were two students. One of them proudly showed her obviously new necklace to the other. I overheard her saying that it’s a message in metal from her boyfriend with his name on it. I took a shy glance. From far it looked like there are three words on it. I thought “how romantic calling the name necklace a message in metal!” <3

When I was contacted by Messages in Metal about a week later, I remembered the scene I had witnessed. It occurred to me that the young woman obviously was referring to the company that had made her romantic, unique jewelry she was so proud and excited about. Its being different was where it’s at! I immediately agreed to design a piece for review of their products, service and customization process.

Your Customization Options Are Seemingly Endless

Loving to make my own jewelry, I was very excited about designing a piece. The designing process was very easy and effective, and the customer support was awesome. Very friendly personnel. You can have your customized piece as a pendant necklace, a dog tag, a name necklace, infinity necklace, several pendants on one chain, in the shape of your home state, as key accessory, … just to mention a few of the many options to choose from.

You can choose a pattern look on the metal or high shiny polish. I think the pattern look awesome for a short name.


Messages in Metal Realized My Customization Idea

My idea was to create a piece related to the blog. I ordered the silver loyalty name bar necklace with three words – High Latitude Style – and two birthstones, one on each side of my blog’s name. Since the color of my blogs logo is light blue, I chose the March birth stone. I also picked the font type. You can choose from silver, cooper, gold-plated, rose-gold and vintage silver. I went for Sterling silver as that comes the closest to the background color of my blog – white.

birthstones gemstone color choices for personal gifts
Color choices of gemstones related to birthstones. Photo from Messages in Metal



At Messages in Metal, You Get Your Custom-made Piece Fast

On the same day, I received an email with a blue print of the design for approval. See photo below.

 photo of the design process
Photo of the layout process in customizing the name necklace c/o Messages in Metal. Photo courtesy to them


I was pretty impressed that they were so fast! Not to mention, I was even more impressed that the package with the personalized item arrived just a couple of days later. My first thought was it’s because I’m a blogger. However, then I saw on their page that I didn’t get a VIP treatment. Their total delivery time is 5-7 days in the United States from the time you place your order! Love that! <3


#accessories name plate with High Latitude Style engraved between two light blue gemstones
Zoom-in on the bar with the engraved name of my blog and the December birthstones on each side


Then I thought about why they can be so fast. On their store, side I found that they design, create, and package all their jewelry in house in Montana and ship from there. This means they oversee the process from start to finish. No wonder that they can get your words on their jewelry out their door and on your doorstep in a matter of days! :0


You Can Create a Perfect Gift for a Special Person with Messages in Metal

When I opened the package, I found a very pretty gift box with a nice box to present the unique piece inside (see photos below). My reaction was like wow those

Messages in Metal are a perfect gift to send to family and friends! #giftideas #MessagesInMetal Click To Tweet


messages in metal gift box and package
Package in which the little gift box with the jewelry arrived



A Problem Solved

I wore the necklace for the first time at the Potato Festival this weekend. My hubby and I went there for date night. The dress code was Fairbanks Formal and I went for a casual look “glamed up” with a sequin blazer, pearl studs, designer clutch, silver belt and silver pumps. Any bold necklace would have been overkill. Thus, the new delicate silver necklace with my blog’s name engraved was the perfect finishing touch for the look. The birthstones picked up the color of the button-down shirt.


#fashionover50 Nicole in sequin blazer, jeans, silver pumps and button-down shirt
Side view of date night outfit with London Jean sequin blazer, London Jean boyfriend jeans, Ralph Lauren silver pumps, silver belt, Oliveo button-down shirt (all own)


When I was in line for buying drinks, the woman in front of me turned a quarter around because the queue followed the wall and turned around a corner to the bar. She looked at me. Then she saw the necklace and said “Now I know who you are. I was the entire time thinking where did I see this woman before. You are the fashion blogger who modeled in the fashion show last year!” “Yes, I am.” I responded and we started chatting until she reached the bar to order.

You can imagine that I loved that.


#MessagesInMetal custom-made jewelry
Zoom-in on the custom-made necklace c/o Messages in Metal. The golden light of the Gold Room nicely reflects on the high shine polished silver bar
December birthstones with High Latitude Style engraved as messages in metal
Zoom-in on the words and birthstone details. Note that the shiny polish reflect the golden illumination of the Gold Room. Actually, the piece is silver.



Other Styling Ideas

This pendant piece is also great for elevating the style of an office outfit. The dress that I wore as a top in the outfit photos below has a lot going on in its print. The cleavage asks for a whimsical small piece. Here the name bar on a chain is the perfect accessory.

fall outerwear over office look
GAP leather trench coat, Isaac Mizrahi cardigan, Knit dress, barrette used as closure, Banana Republic leather midi skirt, Gloria vander Belt pumps, Constance bag (all own) and necklace c/o Messages in Metal


fashion blogger donning messages in metal in a work outfit with fuchsia skirt, printed top,, black cardigan and red pumps
Isaac Mizrahi cardigan closed with a hair barrette, Knit dress worn as T-shirt, Banana Republic A-line skirt, Gloria vanderBilt pointy-toe pumps, Alaska quartz cube earrings (all own) and necklace c/o Messages in Metal


cleavage details
Details of the outfit



High Quality Customized Jewelry at an Affordable Price

You don’t need to break the bank or won’t have to max out your credit card when buying a customized piece of jewelry at Messages in Metal . All their items are very affordable. Depending on which shape you choose they come as low as $45. The jewelry is crafted from .925 sterling silver and the metal is 1 mm thick which exceeds the industry standard. The gold plated pieces are typically $10 more expensive than the same design in silver. Given the current gold price and the extra work of plating the item, the price difference is totally justified. The value for the price? Amazing! It’s also the right ballpark of gifts for friends and extended family.

Well, you will wear your jewelry for a lifetime. Thus, after already about a little more than six weeks of wear the cost-per-wear is below one dollar. That’s a great price-performance ratio. Thumbs up!

Aside of the things I mentioned already above, I really love that the length is adjustable (see photo below).

#jewelryover40 adjustable chain
View on the chain. See the many large loops. They are perfect to adjust the length, i.e. how high or low to wear the piece.



Who Would Love this Product?

Every woman!

No woman would ever say she has enough jewelry. #MessagesInMetal Click To Tweet

It’s an easy, very personal gift for your loved ones, your significant other and it can even solve the problem that everyone writes your name wrong. They now may even get that you are Cyndee and not Cindy 😉 ! You know what I mean. It’s Nicole not Nichole.

You can order your unique piece according to your ideas at Messages in Metal. I really recommend this product to everyone who needs a gift for that hard to shop for person and/or searches for a thoughtful gift for family members or a special friend.


Messages in Metal presentation of jewelry in a velvet box
View on the customized jewelry when opening the gift box


Messages in Metal in a Nutshell

Messages in Metal are high quality, hand-made custom jewelry pieces at an affordable price. Their products make perfect gifts for family, friends and colleagues. Browse their collection now and start designing.

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Photos of me: G. Kramm
Other photos: N. Mölders

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