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Are your clothes lying?

toriaVictoriaBeckhamDress #collierdechienbelt
toriaVictoriaBeckhamDress #collierdechienbelt
View on the back zipper of my Victoria Victoria Beckham military style dress

In yesterday’s post I wrote about songs buzzing in my head, songs about clothes. Now that I started thinking about these songs it occurred to me that as a kid I learned various clothes related songs. These songs all were supposed to teach kids things related to clothes. I recall one that aimed at teaching o take care of yourself and one taught that clothes say something about their wearer, their status and profession, even though it was more related to colors. The first one went like this (translated from German) “Show me your feet, show me your shoes, and watch the hardworking laundry ladies ….” It went on to wring the laundry, hanging it up to dry and to iron it. The other was like this “Green, green, green are all my clothes, green, green, green is everything I have, therefore I love everything that is green because my beloved one is a hunter.” Then the next verses go on with other colors associated with other professions. Red for horse rider, blue for sailor, white for miller, and finally colorful for painter.

Are you what your clothes tell about you?

My today’s dress is definitively lying with regard to pretending to be military clothes and with respect to the 7th verse that my sister and I invented as kids. We added black and it stood for a chimney cleaner. It does not lie in that respect that it is classic (military, black) and edgy (hardware, zipper). It is so me.

toriaVictoriaBeckhamDress #collierdechienbelt
Side view of my LBD

Photos: G. Kramm (2014)

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