Dear Santa,

I was a good girl all year. I know that your budget is skinny and that you have to provide gifts to more and more people every year. To help you to stay on budget, I browsed the Shein online store and I put a wishlist together that fits even the smallest budget. Shein provides fashionforward clothes that are affordable and that look great even for a 50 something woman like me.

I think nice clothes make me feel good whenever I wear them, wherever I go. Furthermore, clothes are a gift that lasts a while, not like a toy that is already boring the day after Christmas. Clothes are also better than chocolate or candies. Here is my list of favorites:

style over 40 Shein color blog striped knit sheath dress Shein pink color-block striped knit sheath dress. I would wear it with a scarf or over a layering top with tights and knee high boots for work. The black and white one would be ok too
#fashionover40 Navy Cable Knit Turtleneck Slit Maxi Sweater Dress Shein navy cable knit turtleneck slit maxi sweater dress. I would wear it with my green, black or tan statement belt with tights either in navy or the color of the belt. I would pin a brooch on the turtleneck for style. Please remember, beige is best on red heads.
#fashionover50 High Shine Pleated Midi Skirt ALMOND Shein high shine pleated midi skirt in almond. I would wear it with a denim shirt and pumps for work or with a black Tee for dancing. Please remember, I have already one in silver.
#styleover50 Embroidered Tiger Cropped Denim Jacket Shein embroidered tiger cropped denim jacket. I love cats and cropped jackets. This jacket would go with nearly everything in my closet (except jackets 😉 ) to add an edge and it is full on trend with the undone hem

over50fashion Multicolor Lapel Color Block Coat Shein multi color lapel color block coat. This coat is posh and perfect as a statement as a second coat. Santa, Fairbanks is close to North Pole, and you know it’s cold at home.

#maturestyle Longline Anorak Bomber Jacket Shein longline anorak bomber jacket. This coat would be perfect for spring and rainy days in summer.

Santa, I know my list is long. I understand that you can’t bring all the items I love, and I don’t expect to get them all. Just one item of my list of favorites would be great. Please!

Yes, when putting the list together, I made sure that any of the items would be a great addition to what I already have in my closet. Thus, bring me your favorite piece from my long short list of my favorites from Shein’s fantastic clothes. Thank you very much in advance. I appreciate your time reading this.

Best regards and stay in style,
P.S. May be you should shop at Shein for yourself too. 😉

Photos downloaded from Shein

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Shein. The post is not endorsed by them. I wrote it entirely myself and it represents my own 100% honest opinion. This post has affiliate links.

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