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Samantha Brown wrap dress c/o HSN, Liz Claiborne open-toe pumps, Longchamp satchel
  1. Travel Channel host Samantha Brown has her own fashion line at HSN
  2. What to look for in a travel dress
  3. Where to buy Samantha Brown’s fashion line
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Disclosure: Ad. The Samantha Brown wrap dress is a sample from HSN. The post is not endorsed by HSN and/or Samantha Brown. I wrote it entirely myself and it represents my own 100% honest opinion.

Travel Channel host Samantha Brown has her own fashion line at HSN

You probably heard that HSN launched Travel Channel Host, Samantha Brown’s travel-inspired fashion line. My OOTD features a wrap dress designed by her that I chose from HSN for review. When I wore this faux wrap dress to work, I received a lot of compliments. One colleague complimented the dress saying “you look smart in this dress.” One even said “You look like the Duchess.” That’s a compliment, isn’t it?

What to look for in a travel dress

Of course, a wrap dress is always a smart investment as it always looks polished – see Kate Middleton. I was so lucky to get this Samantha Brown wrap dress from HSN as a sample for review, but I think the dress is worth its money because it meets my seven expectations on a travel dress.

  1. The dress must look modern, posh, and must be wearable for multiple events. The cut of this Samantha Brown dress meets corporate and business as well as spare time style expectations. The elegant, decent print works well in a corporate work environment when worn with classic pumps, a statement necklace, and a structured work bag. The eastern vibe of the print and the classic western cut make the dress look fresh and modern. The classic eastern ethnic print allows you to swap the work accessories for espadrilles or ballet flats with a shell or colorful wood necklace and a fabric clutch or chic straw tote for a stroll on the town in the evening. This East-meets-West combination and the fact that the dress has a stretchy material makes it perfect dress to pack for business travel.
  2. The dress must be professional without looking stiff. This means that it must meet the expectations of  upscale business casual and dressed-down corporate style without looking boring. When buying a wrap dress, look for a cut that is “wind-save.” This wrap dress is sewn like a real dress. Thus, a wind gust has no chance to unwrap your legs. Take a look at the zoom-in photo of the wrap dress to see how the front is secured. I really like this feature. It avoids that one shows more than one wants when a wind gust plays with the skirt. Oh, yes, there are a lot of gusts due to the frequent thunderstorms in the Interior.
  3. The dress must be chic, comfortable and make you feel great. Speaking of coverage, the 3/4 sleeves cover the upper arms, which is not only a big advantage in air-conditioned offices and conference rooms. Most of us 40+ ladies love some arm coverage. The sleeves can be easily shopped up for a more casual outfit for sightseeing.
  4. Classic colors. The white print on the navy blue jersey fabric is right on the spring classic trend of blue-and-white. At the same time, neutrals are always a classic, worth to invest in. This dress also comes in fuchsia.
  5. Wrinkle-free. The Samantha Brown dress arrived folded and was wrinkle-free when I pulled it out of the box.
  6. Great craftsmanship. The dress shows love for details and is sewn well (see next photo).
  7. Worth the money. Looking at the price-performance ratio this dress is a steal. It fits two purposes in one – work and play. This means it has potential for more wear than a work dress and a weekend. This also means you save space in your luggage and real estate in your closet. Furthermore, the classic print and cut in neutral colors will never go out of style. This means the dress is wearable for many seasons. Thus, the cost-per-wear has great chances to get below 50 cent. A great deal!

details of print and cut

fashion influencer wearing a Samantha Brown dress

stylist in a posh Samantha Brown wrap travel dress

midlife blogger in Samantha Brown travel wrap dress
Outfit details: Samantha Brown travel wrap dress c/o HSN with own Liz Claiborne open-toe pumps, Hermes collier de chien bangle, golden bangle, statement necklace and Longchamp bag

Where to buy Samantha Brown’s fashion line

You can buy Samantha Brown’s line at HSN online. Her line also encompasses travel bags, scarves, which can do double-duty as accessory and blanket on a plane, classic striped tops, among other things.

In Summary

The versatility to wear this dress makes it a great purchase and a great addition to the wardrobe of every professional woman, especially those who have to travel a lot. Another great plus, the fabric is wrinkle free. The classic style looks professional and the ethnic print gives a nice modern, interesting twist. I would recommend the dress to my BFF and would buy it for myself as well. Browse the store.

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Do you like wrap dresses? If not, was the risk to show too much the reason? How do you like this one that doesn’t bear the risk? Will you give it a try?

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Photos: G. Kramm

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