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White dinner jacket with tuxedo pants, white pleated front button-down shirt, shite suspenders and black bow tie

When you re-marry in midlife, it is you who pays for the wedding. Such saving on a wedding planer may be attractive. Read this post to avoid common mistakes, and how to use suspenders to up the style of your wedding party.

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Disclosure: The giveaway is sponsored by JJsuspenders. They have not endorsed this post. I wrote it entirely on my own. All opinions are mine and 100% honest.

Planning Your Own Wedding in Midlife

Many of people re-marry in midlife. Since it’s the second time, they often want to save the money for the wedding planer. Sure last time Mom and Dad paid the bill, but this time it’s them who have to fork over the money. This time you want to handle it all by yourself from the guest list (only the friends of the two of you) to the suspenders. Nothing wrong with that. Well, when citing Coco Chanel
As long as you know men are like children, you know everything! - Coco Chanel #quote Click To Tweet
or how I would put it
Be aware before marrying that it's like buying a used car - as seen. Click To Tweet 😉
In other words, what his mother missed to teach him, you will not be able to teach him either.

So when you are sure you can live with his “flaws” go for it. And yes, save the money that you would spend on a wedding planner, if you think you can handle the show. Here is a list of the common mistakes I heard about from DIYer that may ruin your day. While this list probably is incomplete – you know Murphy’s Law – it is a start at least.

wedding looks to avoid
In snowy climate, a tail will pull all the snow behind you. In rain, you will sweep the floor. Moreover, such a dress is hard to recycle as an evening gown.
  • Buying a wedding dress with a tail when marrying at a Ski resort or in winter in an area with snow cover. You are not a snow plug. Go for ankle length.
  • Speaking of a winter wedding, you need a cover-up that matches the dress. The church may be too cool for standing there in just the dress. You don’t want to spend your honeymoon in bed with the flu. And a formal wedding gown looks plain ridiculous with a classic peacoat or under puffer coat.

    nice faux fur cape
    A faux fur jacket is a nice coverup. If you don’t want to have a stark contrast between your white gown go for cream or tan. White faux fur capes are hard to reuse at other formal events.
  • Using self-tanner in your face to look healthier in the photos and forgetting to self-tan the cleavage and/or hands too.
  • Using self-tanning lotion without experience in self-tanning.
  • Not having walked in the wedding shoes prior to the big day. In the evening, your blisters will have blisters.
  • Going on a diet after you bought the dress. Save the diet for after the honeymoon. The wedding cake is just too delicious.
  • Ask your guy whether he already bought socks and shoes that match the pants. Brown socks or shoes with a silver tux just look odd.

    Male members of the wedding party
    Male members of a wedding party wearing suspenders that match the bridal party (left) and the colors of the attire (right). Just imaging how odd it would look if they were standard black from the back of the closet.
  • Forgetting to order suspenders in the color of the wedding party for all males in the wedding party. Wedding outfit rentals only provide the tux, shirt, bowties and pocket sheets, but not the matching suspenders. And these formal pants have no loops for a belt. Just imaging how odd it will look when the groom and Best Man have, for instance, a silver gray outfit with pink bowties and wear brown suspenders because that’s all they can find in the back of their closets!
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JJsuspenders Are Great Source for Modern Suspenders

JJsuspenders are great for formal weddings (and ballroom dancing.)They are designed in North America and each pair is handmade to provide a perfect look and fit. They come in a huge variety of colors to match the colors of the wedding party. The company also offers cute statement pairs with prints and patterns. They offer FREE shipping for continental US customers on orders over $50. Packages arrive within 5-7 business days. You can have expedited 2 day shipping for $25.

pirate JJ suspenders Edgy JJ suspenders perfect for the rocker in you or Halloween
striped Y-suspenders Cool with a tux
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