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Vintage Silk men's shirt upcycled into a straight skirt, Jones New York sleeveless shirt, statement silver belt, Hermes collier de chien bangle, Jord bamboo watch, L.K. Bennett patent leather wedges, and Paloma Picasso glasses (all own)

Disclosure: Ad. The CeraVe® skin care products were sent to me as a gift to test them in Fairbanks air pollution. The post is not endorsed by them. It represents my own 100% honest opinions.


Fairbanks faces unhealthy air quality from wildfires each summer

I haven’t written about Fairbanks’ air quality for quite a while. Not that air quality has gotten better than in the past. We still face bad air quality each winter due to pollutants accumulating underneath the often multi-day inversions. Sometimes it stinks outside as if you put your head in a cold wood stove.

Nevertheless, most people in Fairbanks consider the low air quality on days even more annoying when smoke rolls into town from wildfires in Interior Alaska. Well the smell is similar. In summer, Fairbanksans stay outside and are more exposed to unhealthy or even hazardous conditions than in winter at same concentrations of the pollutants. In winter, pollution occurs on days with inversions, no wind and temperatures of -4F (-20C) or less, and relative humidity greater than 75%. In summer, temperatures are in the 70s or 80s, i.e. perfect for mowing the lawn, going berry picking, that kajak trip, or just sitting in the sun. The consequence irritated skin. But now there is a skin-care line from CeraVe® that helps restore the skin’s natural protective barrier.

annual course of PM2.5 in various Arctic cities
Mean annual courses of daily means of particulate matter of less than 2.5 micrometer in diameter (PM2.5) for Fairbanks, Alaska (red), Yellowknife 52nd Ave, Canada (blue), Inuvik Kingminya Rd Canada (green), Bredkälen, Sweden (brown), and ratios of daily mean PM2.5 concentrations at the rural Denali, Alaska site to those at the State Office Building in Fairbanks (purple), and the rural Kårvatn, Norway to those in urban Hurdal, Norway (black). Y-axis labels differ among panels. Large peaks in summer are due to wildfires. From: Mölders and Kramm 2018

How the CeraVe® fights the impacts of air pollution on skin’s health

The skin naturally contains ceramides that become depleted over time due to air pollution and other skin irritants. As a result, the skin becomes dry and irritated. I have experienced that.

The CeraVe® Cleanser line was developed by dermatologists. The line encompasses a range of products to remove dirt, oil and other residue from the skin while leaving it cleansed and hydrated. The pollutants contribute to the depletion of the skin’s natural ceramides, which leads to skin irritation like on my hand in the photo above. Ceramides hold skin cells together and help the skin to keep moisture in and irritants out.

comparison of air pollution in the Fairbanks area with that of other Arctic cities
Comparison of Fairbanks mean annual concentrations of PM2.5 with other Arctic sites. Note that North Pole is a city in the Fairbanks metropolitan area. North Pole is a 17 min (13.5 mi) drive from Fairbanks via AK-2 E. Concentrations at urban and rural sites are given in red and blue, respectively. From: Mölders and Kramm 2018


According to the description, some of the CeraVe® cleanser products use patented Multivesicular Emulsion (MVE) technology. The emulsion releases its hydrating and nourishing ingredients slowly over time, permitting the skin to absorb them. Consequently, the ceramides are restored and maintain the skin’s natural protective barrier. “Sounds great, when it works” was my first thought when reading the information sheet.

CeraVe® helped my skin when smoke rolled into town last time

Yes, I have to admit I was very skeptical about whether the product would keep my skin out of trouble. Since we moved to Alaska, my skin looked like in the photo below every time when smoke rolled into town.

skin irritated from wildfire smoke
My hand on a typical day when wildfire smoke rolled into Fairbanks. My skin was always very irritated, itchy and red.

The last time when smoke was in the forecast, I applied the products CeraVe® sent me as a sample. Guess what? The first time in more than 17 years living in the Fairbanks area, my skin didn’t look like in the photo above. Instead it looked like it does when air quality is good. It’s incredible.

Now I expected subscription medicine prices, but that’s not the case. The prices of the products are in the same ball park as typical for skin care products. This finding was the second surprise.

In summary, the CeraVe® skin care line protects skin from irritation due to air pollution at a budget friendly price. You can buy the line on Amazon or in selected drugstores.

What I wore when the smoke rolled into town

midlife style blogger in summer outfit with stripe floral print skirt, sunglasses, ponytail, black top and shoes
Side view of up cycled Vintage Silk men’s shirt, Jones New York silk top, chain belt, Jord square dial watch, L.K. Bennett wedge heels, and Paloma Picasso sunglasses (all own)

The OOTD features the second skirt that I made from a silk skirt my husband didn’t want to wear anymore. This time I went for a straight cut because of the stripes of the shirt.

fashion  blogger over 50 in straight summer skirt with sleeveless top, sunglasses and wedge heels
DIY skirt made of a Vintage Silk men’s shirt, styled with Jones New York sleeveless top, statement belt, Hermes collier de chien bangle, Jord wood watch, L.K. Bennett wedge patent leather pumps, and Paloma Picasso sunglasses (all own)


I went for a desaturated look for this OOTD. May be I was “inspired” by the desaturated colors of the smoky day. When air pollution is high, visibility is low and the horizon seems to be gray. The standing out color is the red Sun right overhead. If it is really bad, the sky around the Sun turns red as well.

stylist looking into a restaurant wearing a blouse, striped floral skirt and pumps
Back view of skirt made of a Vintage Silk men’s shirt, Jones New York sleeveless blouse, statement chain belt, Hermes collier de chien bangle, Jord wooden men’s watch, andL.K. Bennett pumps (all own)

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Top of the World OOTD My Fav Gail Hanlon
Gail Hanlon, the fashion blogger at Is This Mutton? became Top of the World OOTD My Fav. Photo from her post


I really loved the striped sheath in the post that Gail Hanlon linked up. She is the fashion blogger at Is This Mutton. This sheath is so figure flattering. The right colors and lines at the right places to give the illusion of an hour glass figure. A perfect dress for a straight-up-and-down body (like mine). Do you know your body shape? No? Then use this free online body shape finder.

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Shelbee, the blogger at Shelbee on the Edge, won the Top of the World Style title. Photo from her post


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