A PhD geophysicists and PhD atmospheric scientist writes the science post. Alaska-related science posts address geophysical or geochemical phenomena occurring in the State. These posts cover topics like permafrost, earthquakes, weather, and air quality. In earthquake-related post, I report from my personal experiences. Posts on permafrost explain permafrost impacts on groundwater, construction, and vegetation. This information helps you to recognize permafrost.

Other topics are the sources of air pollution and impacts of wildfires. Educational posts on Alaska weather include funnel clouds, Chinook, and inversions. Finally, some posts provide solutions to mitigate negative impacts of polluted indoor air and to reduce Sun exposure during the long white nights.

Many fashion items wouldn’t be there if there were no science. Research and in early times trial-and-error made many apparel possible. Without research, there weren’t the basics for synthetics like acrylic yarn; we couldn’t explain why clothes release sparks or the phenomenon of the black-blue and white-gold dress.

Fashion-related science posts cover the physics/chemistry of clothes as well as fashion’s impacts of the environment. Posts address aspects like the fabric breathability and insulation, or uptake of dye. Body responses to heat and cold are discussed as well.

Keeping It Cool – Is Your Air Conditioner Summer Ready?

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