The ultimate guide how to save when shopping addresses various hacks to save money when shopping. It leads to more specific posts discussing various aspects of the retail economy, couponing, and sales.

A savvy shopper can save both time and money when planning their shopping trips. You can find posts with tricks how to reduce your search time, or how to buy a piece that works with what you already own. Advice when to know that a piece is right for you or what not to buy. Furthermore, you can find shopping tips on couponing, what to look for when searching for a given garment or buying second hand.



Also when to shop for basics and statement pieces, and how to distinguish them. What to buy first when you update your wardrobe for the next season.

How a fashion budgeting tool can help you

7 Budget Fashionistas Share Their Secrets

How to Buy Statement Shoes on a Budget

7 Tips to Buy Excellent High-End Fashion on a Budget




Couponing for home improvement

My discount code and coupon page


Saving Time When Shopping

What to wear for clothes shopping
Designer Brands to Look for at Thrift Shops (Downloadable List)



Shopping Sales

When to start to shop for the next season or the holidays. Other tips include online shopping, and navigating sales.

Black Friday

Cyber Monday

Best 2023 Trends to Look for in the Sales

Back to School Shopping List 2023/24


Retailing Concepts

Posts reveal common tricks of retailers to sell, and retailing concepts. Of course, you find solutions to avoid such traps like lying mirrors.

Cutting the middlemen out

Avoiding heels you can only walk in in the store

5 Steps You Need to Become a Fashion Influencer in 2023

Influencer Marketing – Cheap Advertisement or a Way to Get Rich?

Is Sustainable Fashion Really Sustainable or a Marketing Concept?



Shopping for Your Personal Style or Body Shape

Posts encompass the broad range of fashion for various styles from key elements to best accessories.

Shopping for your personal style

You Can Save Money on Great Style When You Are Petite

11 Reasons Why to Avoid a Look at Size Tags

Guide to Dressing for Big and Tall People


Buying Cheap Trends or High-End Brands

You can also find discussions on when to buy high end brands and when not. Are designer clothes worth it, and whether designer clothes are a guarantee to look your best.

Where to buy cheap updates, vegan fashion, sustainable fashion are addressed as well.

5 Jewelry Brands to Look Out for in a Luxury Mall Near You

How to Buy Statement Shoes on a Budget

Will Only Designer Clothes Make You Effortlessly Stylish?

Best Reasons To Don an Expensive Luxury Bag

How You Know When to Splurge or Bargain

Why is Muskox Wool Fashion So Expensive

Cheap Trendy Must-Haves for Going Out

Where Can You Find Cheap Chic Vegan Fashion

Now Everyone Can Buy High Quality at Low Prices at Italic

Best Waterproof Beach Bags for the 2023 Summer


Shopping for Gifts

Evergreen gifts

Gift ideas for father’s day

Unique Gifts for Dads Who Don’t Want Anything

My Favorite Artisan Made Valentine’s Day Gifts under $100

Best Personal Gift Ideas Santa Should Check Out

Great Sustainable Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Rocky Nook Books Make Great Affordable Gifts for DIYers

Gift Ideas for Stepdads, Grandpas, Father-in-Law, and Your Dad

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